Friday, August 29, 2008

so bad

I am so bad at putting things in Blake's baby book. I don't have the time to go in his room sift through all his stuff, lug out the baby book, and then write all the info down in it. Usually if and when I do have the time, it's when he's sleeping in his crib.

Here are some things he's done or did:
* Ate rice cereal at 4 1/2 months
* Ate carrots at 5 months and loves them
* Rolled over at around 4 1/2 months and has done it only six times since
* Pull plug out of mouth and put it back in at 4 1/2 months
* Pull down on toys at 4 1/2 months
* Pull head up when sitting 5 months
* "Talks" at 4 3/4 months
* Wears 6-9 months stuff 4 months
* Smiles at strangers 3 3/4 month
* Giggles out loud 3 1/2 months
* Stands on his legs while holding on to mommy or daddy's hands 4 3/4 months

I feel like there is more, but I just can' remember them....

One of these days when he's not sleeping I will get my baby book out and put the information in it

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have fears of the unknown
I have fears that God will take years to answer a prayer request that I think needs to be answered now
I have fears of leaving my comfort zone
I have fears of not being a good mother or wife
I have fears of so many things and as I was praying today, I was praying for so many who are in need and kept praying that their faith (including mine) would be louder and stronger than the fears they may have.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was thinking I haven't had short hair in forever! But then I started thinking and I thought hmmmm I have never had short hair. I decided to cut 8 inches off my hair! With the support of my roomate who was in from out of town and my sister Bethany, I decided to do it this last Friday. I went to Bethany's house and she kindly watched Blake for me. Then Kimberly and I went to the salon and chopped my hair off. I was so glad my roomate was there to give me the extra push to go. I didn't tell Jason I was getting my haircut. He walked in the door and goes WOW! He said he loves it and he is so glad that I actually went through with cutting it because I have wanted to do this for so long. I am so blessed with so many supportive people in my life even when it comes to something silly like cutting my hair!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's coming

Originally when we went in for Blake's helmet, insurance wasn't going to cover ANY part of it. On top of that if they were going to cover just a small percentage of it, we were going to probably have to wait two months to reposition him. With Jason's diligence in talking to insurance and the company that will be doing Blake's helmet, we got the insurance to pay more than 80% of the helmet cost and we don't have to wait to months to reposition Blake.

I would like to say that I prayed and prayed that the insurance company would cover the helmet costs, but I would pray here and there when I thought about it. I began to think how in some things I have prayed for months and even years diligently for God to change a situation, to bless someone, to provide, or to heal...and it has yet to be answered. And then there's Blake's helmet situation where I prayed here and there as I was cleaning the floor or changing Blake's diaper and then suddenly in a matter of a few weeks the prayer is answered. I wonder how you can pray months or years for something and have it not change and then pray here and there for something for a few weeks and have it answered so quickly....I guess you can say is God's will for Blake to have this helmet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

His new chair

Blake got a new chair that was recommended to us from my sister and the crainologist specialist. He loves being in the chair because he can see everything that is going on. His precious little legs and arm kick and he gets so excited. It's so good for him because it helps strengthen his neck muscles and gets him off of being on his back and laying on his head. I am so grateful that we have all these fun toys and gadgets we can have an option to buy...I wonder how our parents did things with not having as many options available to them.

ps. blake is really into drooling lately

Monday, August 11, 2008

He done it!

On August 9th, 2008 I was laying Blake on the floor in front of Parker's George doll. As I laid Blake on the floor I let him lay there for a few seconds and then all of a sudden, he did it...he rolled over for the first time. I jumped up and down ran up and down the stairs and was so excited. I called Jason to tell him, Jason asked me what Blake's reaction was..and honestly....I was so excited I have no idea what Blake did. I have been working with him to stay on his tummy. I entertain him and rub his legs while doing so hoping he will stay on his tummy longer. Finally, he rolled over. He has yet to do it again, but I am so glad he has shown me he is able to do it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I need to be more grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with. I need to stop looking at how I wish it could be. I have been fortunate to be blessed with so much and have taken it for granted. Lord forgive for wanting more of things and not cherishing what has been given to me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our little man

Today we went to the crainology specialist. They took several pictures of Blake's head and did some measurements. The specialist said that Blake's head is in the moderate range, it's not severe. He said that it takes about two months for insurance to okay paying for the helmet. Jason and I were hoping to do all this and get his helmet in the next week or so, but we won't be able to have the helmet till he is 6 months old. They don't know how long he will have to wear it, but for sure not more than 4 months. Jason and I began to talk about the ways we would want to decorate the helmet. We thought Cubs, but by then their season will be over...I thought Bears...Jason mentioned the Blackhawks...and then I thought why not have the family members write a message on it for him. Anyways...we have time to think about it. For now, I have to do repositioning exercises with him. We bought a new chair for him to sit in, we have new ways to help him stay on his tummy, and we have to sleep him on a certain side of his head. All in all, I was glad to hear his case is moderate and am anxious to do this for himself now and to help him down the road. I am a little leery of what people might say to me to my face or behind my back about his helmet. My aunt had a great response...I can tell people he is preparing for when he has to wear a helmet as a professional athlete. Well...I am praying this process can start sooner than two months and insurance won't require two months of repositioning. We'll see though...we will know more next week.