Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Pictures

I don't know what it was about today, but for some reason the activity that we did really made me feel like a mom. Blake and I went to the library for story time. All the kids dressed up in their costumes and we read stories and sang songs together. I had so much fun, and I think Blake really enjoyed himself too. I am grateful that my husband has a job that can support me staying home and doing fun stuff with our son!

Also are some pictures of us at a bonfire with my niece and nephew.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Honestly, no way!

I attend a Bible study weekly and was shocked by somethings that were discussed this past week. A mom asked the group of women (mostly in their 40's) what she should do about a certain situation. She said that when she dropped off her 5 year old daughter to a birthday party there was two women dropping of another little girl and as they dropped her off the two women were holding hands and kissing. This mother in my Bible study didn't know what or how to explain to her little innocent daughter about what just occurred. The leader of our group gave such simple insight and just said look up Bible verses and explain to her what we believe and why we believe it. Always go to the Bible for your foundation of raising your child.

Then another mom chimed in and said that on her daughter's recommended reading list for school was titles about having two mommies (meaning lesbians). I was floored. I couldn't believe that a third grader was having suggested to her books that have to do with lesbians.

A women then spoke up in our group that said while she was on vacation in San Fransico an elementary class took a unique field trip. The field trip was going to the teachers wedding, the sad thing is that it was to another women. I think was even more heart wrenching was that only four families decided not to go...every other student went!

If I think it's bad now....I can't imagine how it will be five years from now.

I was talking with a friend several months ago and she really said something that hit home to me. She mentioned how she prays for her little 7 month old boy all the time. I agreed and said I needed to pray for Blake more. I was telling her how I pray for him to be strong, to be a leader, to know Jesus at a young age, for his future wife....and she said I pray for my son that he wouldn't fall into pornography. I thought oh man...she is right. Now adays it's so readily available to people and men struggle with it so much, i really need to pray that for Blake.

Since these recent conversations I have had with these women, I have been so worried about my son. Worried about the temptations he will have to face. Worried about how he will have to deal with homosexuality being around so much more. Worried about people robbing of his innocence at such a young age. Worried about him not being the norm in his beliefs. I then remember my Bible study leader saying over and over...just go to the Bible for how to raise your children and how to teach them what is right and what is wrong and why we believe it.

I know this world we live in is hard for adults to live right now, but I can't imagine how hard it will be for Blake to be a Christian in the years to come at when he is in school.

Many are saying we are living the "labor pains" of the end times. I don't like to think about it too much because it just hurts my brain if that makes sense. I know that things will get harder as a Christian and I need to be prepared as a mother to know how to be able to handle those hard times. I want Blake to stay a precious innocent little boy as long as he can and don't want the world to rob that from him prematurely.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Won't be doing that for awhile...

I will not be feeding Blake prunes for awhile. He had two REALLY bad diapers that Jason and I had to tag team and change together.

Friday, October 24, 2008

7 months

Blake is seven months old today. It's so crazy to think my little precious baby boy is 7 months old! I went shopping for winter clothes for him and bought 6-9 months. I went home and played doll with him and tried on all his new clothes. Sad to say, I had to return them and get 12 months for him. Blake has been said by many who know him and strangers who see him for the first time what a laid back baby he is. He LOVES people...always smiling at them and making them think they are his favorite! He went with me twice to get my hair done which took over an hour and he just sat there in the stroller and played with his toys and looked around. He did fantastic. He is now noticing details, like buttons in my shirts, or designs on my sweater. When he plays, he transfers the object from hand to hand. He loves to laugh and babbles a whole lot more saying bahhh bahh maaa maa and his little cheeks move up and down like an old man with no teeth. Honestly the cutest things ever! Blake is having a bit trouble with napping, but goes to bed at 8:00 every night and doesn't even fuss!

This picture I posted reminded me of one my little brother took in a Chicago Bears jogging suit he wore when he was little. Never did I think Richie's tiny chubby hands would be able to grasp the whole football. As I look at this picture of Blake, it's hard to imagine his tiny precious innocent hands will grasp that of a football someday!

I try to enjoy each moment Blake lets me hold and snuggle him . He is much more aware of his surroundings, so those moments are getting to be much less.

As he is developing, more and more people are saying he looks like me. Not sure myself yet. I think features are me, but body build for sure Jason!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You are not serious!!!!

As I pulled out of my garage at 5:00am this morning, I was noticing the stars in the sky. It was so beautiful. It's not often you see stars because of all the lights that are surrounded by my house. I was in awe trying to remember the constellations from when I was little. I noticed the little dipper and was trying to find the big dipper. As I was driving to the gym, I was just listening to music relaxed when all of a sudden a car pulled right in front of me. I flashed my lights to let them know that it was too close to my car and could have been dangerous. Soon I came to a stop light and the car that pulled in front of me stopped right next to me when it could have very well inched up several feet. You know when someone is staring at you...right? You just get that feeling...well..this lady is staring at me and I look at her...she points to the side and says, " Let's fight!" I am thinking are you serious? You have to be joking? Well, needless to say, I looked at her and turned and faced forward and ignored her. I ended up pulling into some town homes just so she wouldn't follow me.

Hmm a morning of peacefulness before my workout ended up with me kind of scared and thinking are you serious me fight you? yeah right!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

Each year my family had the tradition of going to the pumpkin farm. When I started dating Jason, we also went and enjoyed that tradition together. Now that Blake is here, we were so excited to have him go for the first of many years to come. Here are some pics we took on our family fun filled day! Yes....I am biased and I may say so myself that Blake is the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I am not lying....

Today I made a dessert that costs me $1. 60. I made a chocolate cake with one can of diet pop in it. It was so good! I am not lying. The batter was scrumptious and the cake itself was just as good with a dollop of cool whip on top. Gosh, I love low fat desserts! True test will be when Jason comes home and tries the cake!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It was totally boring....SIKE!

We had a surprise 30th birthday party for Bethany that was an 80's murder mystery. We had so much fun! She was so was great. Here are some pictures of the evening. Her in the white shirt is when she first arrived and then we whisked her away to her outfit for the party! It was so good that finally something was done for Bethany. She is always planning things and parties for others and last night the table was finally turned!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is it made with....

Today I made homemade low fat pumpkin bread. I really thought it was yummy and it was 122 calories per slice and .5 grams of fat. So I was excited for Jason to come home and have a piece.

As Jason was relaxing on the couch with Blake, I cut him two pieces of pumpkin bread and put it on his lap. He takes a bite and says: "Is this made with baby food?" How sad is that, my husbands first thought is if I make something low fat it is with baby food. Well...can't blame him...if it's lowfat I will try and make it no matter what it calls for.

Anyways..needless to say...Jason loved the bread so much he was licking his fingers afterwards...and to think it wasn't even made with baby food this time!