Monday, October 29, 2007

Papa Elton

My Papa called last week and told Jason and I that "We want to buy the baby's crib" I was so touched by that. We meaning Nana, who has passed and then my Papa who is still living. I love how my Papa is sentimental about big miles stones and wants us grandchildren to never forget Nana or himself. Papa has instilled great values for us kids and has left fingerprints of himself and the Lord upon our lives. He has been a great example of how a man should treat his wife with serving in unconditional love. Papa was not only a grandpa, he was a coach, and one of our biggest fans when we played sports. I can't wait for my little baby to meet Papa!

Saturday, October 27, 2007



Monday, October 22, 2007

Gina, Samantha, and Janna You are Tagged!

I was blog tagged by Judith to write 7 unknown facts about myself that most readers don't know about me. I don't have many blogger friends to I tag these people if you read this blog: Gina, Samantha, and Janna. I know others read the blog, but don't have one of their own....people get a blog.

1) I want to start a buisness called Friend For A Day and be a friend to all the lonely people in the world.

2) I love olives

3) I love talking with older women

4) I had my eye on Jason even before we ever met

5) I love snowstorms when I know no one can leave their house (that means everyone is safe)

6) I do not want to live in a huge house

7) Growing up I wanted to be a Pastor's wife, a radio DJ, a chef, and a hair dresser.

Loving it

I loved yesterday. My roomate came into town and we had a great time. When we got back home, Jason and I blew up our mattress bed by the TV and just laid there together watching football and baseball. It was so relaxing and peaceful! I love those moments with my husband. I felt like we were two teenagers in love and hanging out again. He turned to me towards the end of the evening and said, "Isn't it so neat how I am married to you. I sometimes look at you just think...your my wife" I admit I was laying there earlier thinking the same thing. This is my husband...the man I depend on, go to for advice, vent to, and share my deep thoughts with. He is with me forever....and then of course my mind went to....he is the father of the child that is in me right now."

On Saturday, we celebrated sweetest day together. My roomate was in town, so him and I got up at 6:15 and laid in bed adn talked till about 7:00. We talked about the sweetest thing about eachtother and I can't remember what he said to me, but I told him the sweetest thing about him is how he is as a father already. He is so helpful around the house and with running arrands that he is not only doing for me, but also the baby in my belly. He is already being a dad to the child that will soon be born.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well, I had been sleeping and woke up and the laundry timer sounded to show it was done. I went upstairs to start to fold the laundry and he said your not feeling well go downstairs and I am going to do the rest of the laundry. It kind of turned into an arguement becuase we both knew we both were tired and not feeling the best and both wanted to help the other one out.

I am so grateful for where the Lord has brought us. God is so faithful and so good. How can I leave room for doubt for God to be faithful to my child, the future of our family, the selling of our home, the health and protection of those we love?

When my mind wonders and I begin to worry about my future, all I have to do is look at my life and its' history and see God's faithfulness and it will renew my hope for what is to come!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Four Months and Popped Out!

I had a dream on October 17th that I had a baby boy. I dreamed that he had my color hair and blue eyes. We took him home and I tried to feed him and he didn't eat much at all. He wore a blue tight hat on his head and I remember thinking the shape of his head is beautiful. Jason then told me I had to have a c-section. I remember being tired and crying alot because I was in so much pain and couldn't hold the baby. Hmmmm I wonder if any part of this dream will come true????!!!

World War 3

President Bush talked about Iran and the possibly of World War 3 today. There are 2 options
1) Living through a world war and I can't imagine that
2) Jesus coming back...which am I ready for...yes, but still have things that I want to accomplish here on earth.

When I think of Heaven it overwhelms me. When I think of how long eternity is it hurts my head. When I think of being in Heaven and not kissing my husband and having him hold me, it hurts me. When I think of how we will worship Jesus and see him face to face it is unfathamable.

Is it okay to have mixed emotions about Heaven?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Farm. October 13, 2007. I really wanted Jason in front of the turkey because his birthday is by Thanksgiving!
Pumpkin Farm. October 13, 2007. I am four months pregnant with our "little pumpkin"

Pumpkin Farm

On Saturday, Jason and I went to the pumpkin farm. I couldn't help but savor every moment we had together when we were there. We walked around and went into the sweet shop, bought a 1/2 gallon of fresh apple cider, ate a funnel cake together, and talked about the future. It was so fun to see all the little kids there with their parents. To see their eyes light up when on the ponies, or feeding the goats, even when they were going on the rides. I loved seeing a couple of one year olds go by the huge pumpkins and say "ball....ball" and then tried to pick the over sized pumpkin up. It was a great time for us. We realize that this was our last year together at the pumpkin farm and now next year when we return it will be with a 7 month old baby. And for that baby it will begin a tradition just like the one I had. Going to the pumpkin farm with the family, eating, going on rides, petting the animals, and picking out the best pumpkin ever! I am so thankful for a family that has traditions that I can now instill in my soon to be family...and I can't wait for traditions that Jason and I create that our just ours!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yes or No?

Okay I am so confused. I thought on Wednesday night when I was laying down I felt the baby move. Then in Chapel on Friday, I thought I felt it move again . It didn't feel like a butterfly or a flutter, it felt like a tap three times. A very gentle easy light tap. My friend Cheryl at work said it probably was the baby . Did I or didn't I feel the baby move?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Next Four Weeks

Oh my busyness:

Oct. 19th-21st my roommate is coming in
Oct. 24th- meeting with some parents after school
Oct. 25th- start parent teacher conferences
Oct. 26th-Pumpkin Day at school (crazy busy day)
Oct. 26th-28th- Pekin for Jason's dad's birthday and spend time with his family
Oct. 29-Oct. 31st- More Parent Teacher conferences
Nov. 2nd-4th- Brenda's wedding rehearsal, wedding, and small group
Nov. 8th-Nov. 11th- Flying to AL to see a football game and the Orcutts
Nov. 12th- Dr. appointment
Nov. 13th- Hospital to get my ultrasound
Nov. 21-25th- Thanksgiving holiday festivities.

Oh my....that is just what is planned ahead of time. is busy, but I do know that I will hopefully have unforeseen rest in there.

I guess time flies when you are busy!

Monday, October 8, 2007

So mad!

Honestly if you are a Doctor shouldn't you have in mind that you should be giving your patients the time of day! I didn't have my normal OB doctor today, I had another man. I didn't like him at all and he didn't give me a chance to ask any questions. Don't go into a field where you are going to rush people and not give them the time they need to walk away feeling like they understand more than what they came in knowing.

I called Jason really upset after that appointment, and he called the Dr. office and complained. The operator there offered to call the doctor I met with and have him call me back, but he had "already" left the office.....does that prove that he was in a rush or what? I ended up telling the operator lady that I didn't like that doctor and do not want to call him so she said she will have my normal doctor call me tomorrow. Ugh...just totally frustrating for me!

The latest news is that the heartbeat was at 140 and I gained two pounds in 3 weeks. The total of 3 min. the doctor was in the room with me, he felt my uterus and it is growing as it should be. I go back in a month to see the Dr and around that same time will have another ultrasound.

I am praying that the next time I go in for the ultrasound, the baby looks okay and there is no

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just one of those days

So I think I have been really good with my hormones...I have my moments, but today it was a morning of hormones. I just cried for one reason.....I am sad that when the baby comes it won't be just Jason and me. So I cried when getting ready for church and then when at church on the way in I cried....Jason hugged me and asked if I wanted to leave and come back for second service and for him and I to go do something together. I ended up composing myself and being fine in church.

When church ended we went to breakfast, stopped by my parents (I had to go potty bad), and then went shopping and driving to look at houses. Jason helped me pick out my first two pair of maternity pants. A black pair from motherhood and a pair of jeans from gap. We had a great day together and I savored every moment not wanting it to end.

I am thankful my husband wants to spend time with me and was willing to give up his baseball and football games so we can enjoy one anothers company. In less than six months it will be the three of us...right now I am going to hog him all I can!

Friday, October 5, 2007

I really do know her

I HAD to go to a teacher conference on Thursday. It is a super long day of sitting and listening to lecture after lecture. My friend Cheryl and I (we stuck together all day and she got us lost on the way home too :) )decided to go to a lecture that was titled "Discovering your personality to help serve others"

We took a personality test and my personality was labeled as Steadiness. Basically it described me almost to a t.

It said I am loyal, I am driven by relationships, I do whatever it takes to keep harmony, I do not like change, I do not like conflict.

Things I need to improve on is: more assertive, be less sensitive, be more positive towards change, appreciate other's ideas...and there was so much more to it.

I didn't really learn anything about myself that was new...the exciting thing is that I saw that I really knew who Sharon was.

I guess I had worried that I would have a baby and not know who I was as person, sitting in that lecture showed me...I know who I am, and I like who I am, Yet I need to improve who I am too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A common theme

There is a common theme I am seeing in alot of my friend's lives right now and that is Life isn't fair." What do you do when life isn't fair? There has to be a comfort in knowing that God sees the bigger picture. Sometimes things happen beyond our control and we can't help what the outcome is. I guess I find peace in knowing that Jesus knew exactly the situation that was going to wasn't a surprise to him. I like the verse in Colossians where it says He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.

I pray for those I know going through something where life isn't fair right now. That God would show them his love and grace through this time. That he would put a peace in their hearts to know that he has the outcome under control. I pray that these people would try not to understand the situation, but trust Christ's sovereignty.

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's so hard

Jason and I read a Psalm and Proverb for each week of Pregnancy we are in. Last week we were in our 13th week, so we read from Proverbs 13. I sometimes think about how it will be hard to discipline my child. There will be times where I don't want to give a consequence but I know that I have to. I read this verse, and I hope I can remember it when my child gets to the age of needing to learn right and wrong:

Proverbs 13: 24
If you refuse to discipline your son, it proves you don't love him; for if you love him you will be prompt to punish him.