Monday, October 8, 2007

So mad!

Honestly if you are a Doctor shouldn't you have in mind that you should be giving your patients the time of day! I didn't have my normal OB doctor today, I had another man. I didn't like him at all and he didn't give me a chance to ask any questions. Don't go into a field where you are going to rush people and not give them the time they need to walk away feeling like they understand more than what they came in knowing.

I called Jason really upset after that appointment, and he called the Dr. office and complained. The operator there offered to call the doctor I met with and have him call me back, but he had "already" left the office.....does that prove that he was in a rush or what? I ended up telling the operator lady that I didn't like that doctor and do not want to call him so she said she will have my normal doctor call me tomorrow. Ugh...just totally frustrating for me!

The latest news is that the heartbeat was at 140 and I gained two pounds in 3 weeks. The total of 3 min. the doctor was in the room with me, he felt my uterus and it is growing as it should be. I go back in a month to see the Dr and around that same time will have another ultrasound.

I am praying that the next time I go in for the ultrasound, the baby looks okay and there is no


Judith and Lance said...

Sharon - I'm really sorry he was such a jerk and hope you won't have to be seen by him again. I pray that it won't steal ANY of the joy that is brought into your life by that new little one in your belly! Great job on your progress!

Kelly Weinberg said...

I'm sorry you had a bad time at the doctor. When I first moved to Washington I went to a gynecologist that was a real big jerk too! I remember leaving that appointment in tears b/c I didn't feel cared for. Doctors are supposed to answer your questions and care for you - that is why they make the big bucks!! Anyway...I'm glad your precious baby is growing and everything is going good! :)