Friday, October 12, 2007

Next Four Weeks

Oh my busyness:

Oct. 19th-21st my roommate is coming in
Oct. 24th- meeting with some parents after school
Oct. 25th- start parent teacher conferences
Oct. 26th-Pumpkin Day at school (crazy busy day)
Oct. 26th-28th- Pekin for Jason's dad's birthday and spend time with his family
Oct. 29-Oct. 31st- More Parent Teacher conferences
Nov. 2nd-4th- Brenda's wedding rehearsal, wedding, and small group
Nov. 8th-Nov. 11th- Flying to AL to see a football game and the Orcutts
Nov. 12th- Dr. appointment
Nov. 13th- Hospital to get my ultrasound
Nov. 21-25th- Thanksgiving holiday festivities.

Oh my....that is just what is planned ahead of time. is busy, but I do know that I will hopefully have unforeseen rest in there.

I guess time flies when you are busy!

1 comment:

Kelly Weinberg said...

Wow you are a busy woman! I will pray for God's strength during all of your crazy weeks ahead!!