Friday, October 5, 2007

I really do know her

I HAD to go to a teacher conference on Thursday. It is a super long day of sitting and listening to lecture after lecture. My friend Cheryl and I (we stuck together all day and she got us lost on the way home too :) )decided to go to a lecture that was titled "Discovering your personality to help serve others"

We took a personality test and my personality was labeled as Steadiness. Basically it described me almost to a t.

It said I am loyal, I am driven by relationships, I do whatever it takes to keep harmony, I do not like change, I do not like conflict.

Things I need to improve on is: more assertive, be less sensitive, be more positive towards change, appreciate other's ideas...and there was so much more to it.

I didn't really learn anything about myself that was new...the exciting thing is that I saw that I really knew who Sharon was.

I guess I had worried that I would have a baby and not know who I was as person, sitting in that lecture showed me...I know who I am, and I like who I am, Yet I need to improve who I am too.

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