Thursday, December 15, 2011

No memory book

I do not have time to fill out a memory book for the twins,but at least wanted to jot down somethings to remember:

At 7 months -
* Both babes army crawl
* Reid holds his bottle.
* Sleep at 7 bedtime...bottle at 10pm and then awake at 7:30am
* Reid again more of a sleeper than Tatum
* Reid has 2.5 teeth already
* Reid can crawl over the stair in the kitchen and also pull himself up onto a couch, or over a person.
* Tatum stil loves her bottle!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trending Now

*in preschool Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30
*wearing underwear to bed and naps
*loving to play with his sister and brother
*into asking me who is married to who and if he can marry me or Tatum
*going to mimi and pop pops and spending the night
*not a fan of playing outside
*loves movies (watching them and carrying them around)
*not into trying to put his shoes on or learning to ride a bike
*likes doing homework sheets with moms (letters, coloring, drawing)
*putting on concerts for us
*asking daddy every morning if he is going to work today
*reading books with mommy in bed before bedtime
*eating peanut butter and jelly (no crust, open faced, eat jelly off first by using his fingers to pick it off. then eating the peanut butter and bread)
*granola bars and fishy crackers are his favorite snacks.
*making cookies with mommy
*making Santa a list

*Rolls over (before she was three months old)
*enjoys sleeping on her back
*loves/needs paci
*talks in her crib at three in the morning
*out eats Reid most of the time
*smiles and coos a lot
*loves to stand with help
*looks for Reid
*Entertained by Blake
*gearing up for her "crown"
*was just dedicated two days ago with Reid

*loves to laugh
*laughs easily
*very chill baby
*falls asleep easily
*loves to hold Tatums hand when close to her
*burps easily after a feeding
*rolls over (shortly after tatum did)
*smiles at everyone
*enjoys chewing on his shirts (sleeves or the top of his shirts)
*spits up more often than tatum
*prefers being on back vs. tummy

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aint gonna lie

Having twins is not easy. It's very straining on every area of my life. I have come to realize that there will not be a day that goes as planned, there will not be a day that goes smoothly, and there will not be a relaxing day for awhile.

My heart hurts for Blake and I hope he doesn't feel the everyday stress I feel. I want to hear him laugh, smile, see him run around and enjoy being home with mommy and the babies. I try to spend time with him and play with him, but my energy is spent so much on the twins.

I wish there was a shot that I could give myself to give me two extra arms and two extra hands.

Now that the twins are older it's actually harder. They fuss more, they are awake more, they just plain old need more! I am trying to learn how to manage all of this, but am afraid I am failing daily.

I was once told by another mom of multiples that you will look back a these years with the twins and a toddler and think that you did all you could to just survive. I can totally see that to be true right now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not into blogging but....

To blog takes so much energy out of me right now. I feel like I need reserve every ounce I have for the children. However, today is a special day where I need to blog.

Today is my dad's 56th birthday. I am so grateful that God hand picked him to be my father for the past 31 1/2 years. My dad has always done so much for his family. I can think of millions of things he has done for me, his second eldest daughter. Something he did for me that has had a lasting impact was when I had my miscarriage a year ago. I called Bethany balling and couldn't breath I was crying so hard. Jason was unable to get home quickly, so Bethany called my dad. Within minutes he knocked on my door. When I opened it for him to come in, he just held me and said, "Honey,I don't understand but I know that He gives and takes away" His simple jester of a hug and simple statement of encouragement brought such peace. I will never forget my dad staying with me that day til someone could come and take care of me. He just sat on the floor with Blake and played with him and was such a calming presence that day.

I love remembering the last day I was teaching before I had Blake. There was a knock on my classroom door. I opened it up and there was my dad standing at the door with flowers and he says, " I thought your last day of teaching would be hard for you so I brought you some flowers to brighten your day" He was so thoughtful and encouraging once again.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how my dad has been such an influential man in my life and constantly gave to me in many ways. On his birthday today I pray his gift would be peace and hope during this time. That somehow the Holy Spirit would give him a hope that he can and will make it through this hard trial. Praying he can tangibly feel God's presence in his room!!!! Happy Birthday to an amazing father!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still waiting

Dad is still sick and has been at Northwestern for ten days now....several of those spent in ICU to regulate his blood pressure. This is has been going on now for two months not knowing "exactly" what dad has. Dr goes back and forth glioma not glioma. Poor dad has been pricked and poked so many times with ct scans and blood tests up the wazoo. I am getting very anxious and weary in waiting for them to find a definite diagnosis and then a plan of action in how to make him better. In talking to someone yesterday, I realize that God knows....he knows exactly what my dad has and the exact remedy to make him better. I have been having a hard time that in an instant God can reveal to the dr what has been giving my dad trouble the past two months, yet God has not chosen to do so. God can also, like in the Bible heal someone in just a snap of a finger, yet he hasn't chosen to do so. I have to in what I have been raised to know and what I have also been seen to be true in my own life, trust beyond my understanding. That right now is the biggest battle I am facing. I do know, like in the past, the Lord will not let me down. Whatever the outcome may be, he has during this trial shown us blessings along this hard journey.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This isn't the reason I came in

Wednesday night April 13, 2011 I went downstairs because I was feeling sick to my stomach. I told Jason I felt like I was going to throw up and decided to eat some pretzels to settle my tummy. I went to bed and later that night I was up every hour or so using the potty. I felt so weak and achy and felt like I had the flu. I woke Jason up at around five and asked if he could take off work so that I could rest. I honestly didn't feel like I could take care of Blake the rest of the day. I also decided at five that morning to call the OB. I wanted to know at what point should I be worried that I am not keeping anything in my stomach. The OB said that I should go to labor and delivery and be treated for dehydration. I decided that I would take a warm shower and drink some water. If after drinking the water I got sick of any sorts I would go to the hospital. Sure enough an hour after drinking the water, I threw up six times in a row. I showered again, and layed on the couch. At seven that morning I called Richie to see if he could stay with Blake while I went to the hospital. I already had a sitter that day for a dr. appointment so I knew Rich wouldn't have to stay with Blake long.

Jason went to a mandatory meeting he had for his new job and I checked myself into labor and delivery. I brought a couple books with me to read and was ready to have an IV put in me for fluids.

When I checked in to LD, the nurses were so nice. They took great care of me. They didn't give me fluids right away, but they did hook me up to a monitor to keep track of babies heart rates and my contractions.

I felt more contractions and I felt them lasting longer. The nurses did an internal and realized I was 30% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. When I heard that I cried. I had never been dilated or effaced before and so I got scared. Before I knew it, I had auntie and grandma b with me in the hospital. Bethany called them because she didn't want me at the hospital by myself. All along, we all thought I was going to be treated for dehydration and was going to be let go.

I had originally had that day an appointment with maternal fetal medicine. So I kept that appointment at the hospital. They wheeled me into my ultrasound on the hospital bed (by this time I had IVs) and they looked at an ultrasound of the babies. I really thought that since a month ago the babies weighed 4 pounds each about that by now a month later they would be almost six pounds. As the tech was looking at the pic of babies I asked, how are they looking. She said their weights were four pounds two ounces and four pounds twelve ounces. I was shocked! I was so worried, in a month it didn't seem they grew very much. I asked her then if I was showing that the babies were measuring 36 weeks since I was 36 wks and 2 days. Her response was I'll let the dr. talk to you. Of course my mind went to all the bad places and it felt like forever before the dr. came into talk to us. With my grandma and aunt sitting with me, the dr began to tell me that he thinks the babies will do better if they were out of me vs. staying in. He said with me having contractions and based on their growth it would be best to take the babies. I looked at him and asked how likely is it that I would go home tonight, he said you prob won't be going home. It broke my heart that I didn't get to give Blake a hug and kiss goodbye before I was about to have these babies.

It didn't really register that I was having these little ones. It took my aunt and grandma being very blunt with me saying, "Sharon you are having your babies in a few hours" I didn't believe it! I came to the hospital because I was dehydrated, not because I was going to have the twins.
The dr. proceeded to tell me that I should be prepared for them to spend some time in the NICU. The babies would be there because they would need to learn how to feed and gain some weight. I should expect the twins to be some of the biggest babies in there, and that they wouldn't have to be there for long.
I began to ask the dr. tons of questions: how many people allowed in the often can I go up there....what are the hours that it's opened..exc. I had to prepare myself that they were not going to be able to be held by family or us right after birth. My goal all along in my pregnancy was to deliver after 36 weeks and for all of us to go home together without spending time in NICU.

After the dr. told me I was going to have the babies in a few hours and to expect them to be in NICU a rush of emotion came over me. I wanted Jason at the hospital and I wanted to kiss and hold Blake.

I couldn't have those to right away, but my grandma, aunt, and nurses were so comforting as I began to process I was going to soon be a mother of three before the night ended.

As I was wheeled back into LD room, soon my mom came to see me and I got a hold of Jason. The nurses were preparing me for deliver of the babies at 2;30 that afternoon and Jason got to the hospital around 1:30 or so. Richie and Auntie Re' stayed with Blake while Jason came and sat with me. Auntie Denise went back home and grandma and mom waited in the waiting room for the rest of the family to arrive.

I began to get questioned and introduced to those who would be in the delivery room with me for my csection. I found out the dr. delivering the babies was my least favorite dr. I began to get very sad when I heard it was him that was going to deliver the babies. I was excited though that the nurses that would be in the delivery room were ones I was comfortable with. I knew one nurse from maternal fetal medicine, and another nurse decided to stay longer after her shift to be in the room with me for my c-section.

Continue Part 2 later!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

36 weeks

Today I went to my OB appointment in which I just have one more left before the little ones arrive. I measured 45 weeks along and tomorrow they will confirm my c-section date. I had a crazy dream....really the only pregnancy related dream my whole pregnancy thus far. I had a dream that I had my c-section, but only one baby was taken out...Reid. The sewed me back up, sent me back home to recover. As I was recovering at home I felt some kicks and realized Tatum was still in my belly. We had to go back to CDH and they had to do another c-section to take Tatum out...wonder what this dream means. Interpret for me someone!

I know my family is so anxious to meet these little ones. I know they are looking to them to bring some joy and happiness to such a hard time in our lives. I am praying that these two will be easy babies....healthy....sleep through the well..poop well...and not be stressful!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I can't lie, the first day that my dad was brought home from the hospital it was very hard. It was hard to see him with a walker and hard to see what my family's new reality is going to be.

There has been some stressful times, but tonight was such a blessing. I was able to sit at the table and on the couch and just visit with my family. Laughing about old times, talking about sports, and just being in one another's presence was awesome! I love these moments. For a second I felt like my dad wasn't sick and we were back to what life should be like.

Lately, I feel and have prayed that I know God can heal my dad, I just hope he chooses to.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Doesn't seem real

Life doesn't seem to be real right fact I wish it wasn't. I wish what is unfolding in front of me was just a movie or nightmare. Unfortunately though it's not. I debated about journaling of my dad's battle with cancer, but feel as though it will be good for me to get what I am feeling out in the open.

I hate to add this phrase to my vocabulary, "my dad has cancer" It doesn't seem real, it shouldn't be happening to my family.

However every time I walk into that hospital room and see my dad laying there, it's reality that he is battling inoperable cancer. This week has been very hard and one that I never wanted to walk through.

Although it's been hard, the Lord has chosen to at moments come close and reassure me of his presence.

It's amazing to me that amidst all that my father has going on with his illness, he is the one cracking jokes and making everyone else laugh in the room. He is smiling and is always talking about us kids and our mom. He has never ever been about himself.

As I think about the road that is ahead of us and the changes that will occur, it's very hard to process.

I have had the privilege to live close to my family and be able to go there once aweek with Blake. Pop Pop would always watch TV with Blake in his chair and eat Cheez Its. It was their thing they did together. Then everytime we would leave, my dad would put Blake in the car and run with the car as I drove away....Blake would get the biggest laugh out of it. Sitting with them in Saturday night church was awesome. I always feel so blessed to sit side by side with my family in the church I grew up in. Blake would always want pop pop to hold him and then pick him up from class. I know these are little tings, but some of them are going to change.

I try to think of blessings through all of this and I can think that at least my dad will be able to finally rest. He has always worked hard labor jobs for money and just to volunteer. It's his turn to rest and for others to serve him. I am glad that in two weeks he will be able to hold his new grandson and granddaughter. It will be something very special for him and for me.

My dad has been my rock (first one at my door when my miscarriage happened), such a servant, sensitive to my needs, and very giving, eager to do any odd stuff around my house. I am anxious to see how God in return is that to Him and now as an adult I can be that to him as well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today let the fight begin

We were informed that my dad has a malignant tumor on his brain stem. We will find out tomorrow if there is more cancer anywhere else in his body. This is crazy to be going through right now, and I can't go into detail about how things unfolded because I just am in shock still. My dad is a fighter, has always been a hard worker, and with God on his side right now...together they will fight to beat this!

The Waiting Room

My dad has been in the hospital for several days now. I have gone to see him twice a day and have been able to spend some time with him.

Last night, we were all in the waiting room waiting for him to get out of the MRI. I looked around and it was everyone that I love dearly and are a huge support system to me.

I noticed though that I didn't have my support there that I have had my whole life. The strong callused hands to put around me, laugh with me, tell jokes with me. He wasn't fact we were all there to support and wait for dad.

I had a hard time being in that waiting room knowing he was helpless in a hospital bed going through what he is going through.

I went home last night and couldn't sleep. I put on Hillsongs preaching and listened to a guy talk about be overcomers in our thoughts. I was very encouraged and began to pray and worship for a few min. I felt a peace surround me during this time.

After those encouraging moments I went upstairs to shower and just began to pray more and become frustrated that we had to wait for results of MRI. I hate the waiting process, and was quickly brought back to the thought of being alone in the waiting room at the hospital wishing for my dad to have been there to encourage and lighten up the situation.

God soon spoke to me and said, "You are in the waiting room and I am with you...I am your heavenly father waiting with you and holding you."

I so needed that word and comfort from the Lord. Friends have been asking what they could pray for and I have simply said peace...peace to surround me. At that moment when God spoke to my heart I had a peace.

After my shower, Jason knew that I was up and took my hand and just prayed with me out loud. Prayed for his family, my family, for our mind to not be influenced by neg thoughts. That was a bonding moment with Jason that I will never forget. I soon fell asleep after that prayer.

These past few days have been very difficult. I hope that they figure out what is wrong with my dad and will make things better for him and our family. This is not easy, but Lord remain close and faithful to my family that we cannot deny that your hand isn't evident.

I am blessed and so grateful for friends and other family members who are so supportive. It is God's hands extended to us!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Thursday through the thanks for a repeat

I would be okay if I didn't repeat Thursday-Sunday. I think under normal circumstances, meaning if I wasn't carrying two babies at almost 35 weeks and caring for a three year old I wouldn't feel this way. However since I am irritable, uncomfortable, and anything sets me off....I can only handle so much.

Thursday at my 34 week appointment it was a bit difficult. We found out I have some protein coming from me and was slightly dehydrated. Which could be a fluke or could be a sign of preclampsia. When I went in for the non stress test, the babies weren't moving much so I had to have juice and lay there longer. I was so worried cause I have been feeling like they weren't moving and went to Labor and Delivery just a few weeks ago to be monitored for the same thing. Well, after sitting for forty five min...the babies moved and gave a good read for the dr. Only to find out that non of my contractions were monitored because the nurse put the circular reader on me wrong. I felt several stronger contractions and was a bit frustrated they couldn't be read on the monitor. Well I had to be okay with fact that the babies were showing good heart rates despite the protein being found, despite the slight dehydration, and the fact that no contractions could be detect from the monitor being put on wrong.

Shortly after my stress test I went in for an ultrasound and the tech couldn't find any pockets of fluid to test....and she couldn't find the membrane that separates the twins. I thought to myself...really no more scares please. I have been blessed with such great reports that I didn't want to start now with anything to be cautious about. After the tech tried for ten min...she called in the dr. Thankfully he found it as soon as the Doppler was placed on my stomach. Things began to look good and no concerns. I hated the scare but was grateful there were no major concerns as I left the hospital.

On to Friday where I started my twice a day shots. Not too bad, the only problem is making sure I get my shot as close to 12 hours apart as possible. Later that night, we went out to dinner for my grandmas birthday. That was so fun and I lasted about two hours which in my mind is great. The only bad part of that is my dad was suppose to come and couldn't. He had to be taken to the ER because he had been feeling dizzy for several days. I hate it when parents are sick or aren't themselves. I have been blessed at my parents age of mid 50's they haven't had any major health when I get a call that my dad is in the ER for dizziness, I was immediately worried. Thankfully after scan and blood work they think it's part of a virus, if he's not better in a few days he will have to go back.

On to Saturday. I love my husband and I love his work ethic....he had to work til 3:00 on Saturday so that meant I pretty much had Blake all day like any other work day. I don't mind that as long as I am feeling okay and have energy. However, feeling good and having energy do not go hand in hand the last couple weeks. I am used to Jason taking Blake for two hours on Saturday and Sunday so I can put my feet up and relax, so not having that this past Saturday really wore me out. I then took Blake to my parents to pick up dinner for them and spent about an hour or two there. We had fun just sitting and hanging out. While we were gone, the best part of my weekend was Jason putting together the crib that just came. I love it!

Here we are on Sunday. I didn't get much time to put my feet up today either. Which I am noticing is a need of mine as I end this twin pregnancy. Jason had to seed the yard and go to the mall. So that left me with Blake....he did take him to church with him which was a good break for me. I just hate that while I have Blake lately we watch TV. The other day I did do some crafts with him, but how I would love to be outside with him teaching him how to ride his bike. Anyways...Jason came home from the mall and Blake was just laying down for his nap. We began to watch some of the Cubs game when suddenly we heard a boom. Jason went downstairs and saw that the glass door to our kitchen shattered. It hasn't fallen to pieces yet but is shattered. Jason had to go order a new door. The thing I am more concerned about is it shattering and rain and wind .... nasty weather is suppose to be here tonight and tomorrow morning. I don't want rain in my house nor shattered glass all over the floor.

I think I am done venting. The only repeat I would have of this weekend would be celebrating my grandmas birthday and rejoicing in my baby furniture being delivered and being put together.

I still have a small list of things that need to be done before the babies get here:
1) Camera pictures cleared
2) Video camera cleared
3) Breathable bumpers/sheets put on cribs
4) Area organized for bottles/bibs/formula
5) Pack and play/bassinet/swing/bouncer brought upstairs
6) Baskets made up and ready with diaper/wipes/powder/lotion to be put in the family room so I don't have to go up and down stairs.

and I am sure there is more I am not thinking about.....

I think some of my furstation lies in the fact that we have three weekends left at the most before the babies come. I wanted to enjoy these weekends as a family. We weren't able to enjoy this weekend with fun family time and next Saturday Jason is gone with Blake to go see his parents so we won't have that weekend together. That leaves two weekends and one in which is Easter weekend.

If I could have it my way we would be outside as family, Blake laughing, swinging, playing on the slide and daddy and mommy sitting on the deck furniture enjoying Blake and talking while listening to the Cubs game. I would love to find time to go to the pet store with Blake and choo choo johnny's for lunch as a family.

I think I am just hormonal, drained, stressed, and overwhelmed with thoughts of what's to come.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks along today! A month from tomorrow we will for sure be holding our two little babes! I am getting more and more curious how each one is going to look. I am too though getting more and more anxious about all the HUGE changes that are coming our way. I am hoping I will be a laid back flexible mom for the little ones. Today I went to the dr. and measured 40 weeks along. I shared with the OB that I am more and more having contractions. She said at this point if the twins are born there most likely would not be any major health issues. And for someone tiny as I am to be carrying twins, I am due for frequent contractions.

So here on out little ones, you can come! We are almost ALL ready. We still need our crib and dresser to come, but we have everything else we need for your arrivals.

Blake has been so kissy and loving towards me lately. I talk about Reid and Tatum alot and he is so excited to meet them. He probably is feeling like very soon life is going to change for him. He gives me random hugs and kisses and I just LOVE it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

32 weeks and more

I went to my dr and the hospital. I go to the dr every week and also the hospital so I am constantly being watched and checked which I love!

Tatum is 4 pounds 2oz and Reid is 4 pounds. I have had several braxton hicks contractions. They did a stress test and saw the contractions and will keep an eye on it, but nothing to worry about. The dr. said this is my new norm. The fluid on the babies look great as well. I am not dilated or effaced at all. Things are going well.

I am very uncomfortable and live for the weekends when daddy is home. He takes Blake out so mommy can have her feet up, he plays with him, gives him lunch, and I contribute the reason I have done so well so far in the pregnancy to not only prayers but my husband doing and helping so much!

I have a gut feeling I won't be going 38 weeks, but we'll see!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


At around 10:15 this morning, I got a phone call from the dr. office. They called to tell me that they are going to schedule my date for my c-section. I cried when she told me the date, I just couldn't believe this is all going to happen so fast. I am getting nervous and excited! We are about 6.5 weeks away, they have it scheduled for April 27th. I think honestly, that I won't make it that long. I just can't see myself going that late! The days are getting harder and harder to go through. I am getting bigger and very irritable. I am averaging about four hours of sleep at night and have not had much of an appetite either. I eat about one big meal a day and snack the rest of the time. I don't crave much, but I did tell Jason there are a couple of things I want to eat before the babies come:
1) Jimmy Johns vito sub ( I did today)
2) Choc shake (I did on Tuesday from Ober.)
3) Strawberry shortcake or cheesecake...both would do :)
4) Portillos roast beef
5) Stuffed pizza

I have eaten 2 of the 5...that gives me 6.5 more weeks left to do the other 3.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Blake will be three in about three weeks. He is something else that little man. I adore him to pieces and miss him still when he sleeps....but don't get me wrong it's a nice time for me to relax too.

Lately, Blake is very much into playing store. He will get his shopping cart, filled it up with LOTS of toys, and scan his toys with his cash register. He then takes out his wallet to pay for all his things. We played store together for about a half hour the other day! It was so fun!

Blake can count to 15, knows his ABC, and is now learning his letters. HE knows letters B, A, W, X, Y, S, R, and O. I slowly add new letters every couple weeks. He loves to idenitfy the letters he knows on signs while we are driving or while we are reading. He knows his shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, star, and octagon. He has known his main colors for awhile now. He is so much fun to be around.

He still loves to tackle and can really throw and hit a ball. Jason will throw a ball and Blake will hit it without a tee. He honestly impresses me!

Blake recently has been into treating bear like a human and baby. He likes to give bear food from our cabinet, water, medicine, exc. Bear gets his diaper changed, his teeth brushed, and gets wrapped up in a towel which is his baby blanket.

As far as bed time goes and potty training...well...potty training is going well for number one...number two we still struggle with. I hope he grasps both of those before too long. In Sept. Blake will go to preschool two days a week and he has to be fully potty trained in order to get in!

Bedtime is about 8:30 or so. He has been recently talking about how mommy and daddy won't leave him. I am not sure why he is talking about it or worried about it. But Jason and I reassure him all the time that we will never leave him. When we leave his room after praying and telling stories, Blake will say, "I love you so much. I love you lots" Ugh melts my heart...then he gives us a big squeeze for a hug and a kiss. He often asks for three or four of those before we leave the room, and unfortunately I have to put an end to it or he would never let me leave.

He sleeps with his Bear, animals (five of them) and always his movies. He has this thing for movies...he has to carry them around the house, have them in bed, have them in the car....he just loves his movies. Of course we just let him have the case and not the CD.

As I type out all these things that Blake is doing and into right now, it makes me amazed at how much he has grown up, he thinks he reads words now, he loves to sing in a microphone, loves to dance, he is quite the character. It's hard for me to imagine in just 7 weeks he will not be the only child, but will move into the big brother role.

I love BLakers and am so grateful I got three years of just him all to myself!

Friday, February 25, 2011

29 week appointment

At 29 weeks I measure 37 and gained 3 pounds in a week. I have some new friends on my tummy as of two weeks ago :( I didn't have those with Blake so it's something new for me and I think they will be with me for my whole life.

Everything looked good at dr. office. I go next week to the hospital for an ultrasound to check on the fluid of Tatum. It's low so they want to keep an eye on it to make sure she is continuing to grow. If it's too low they will have to take the babies early. I am hoping to go at least 34 weeks. 36 weeks would be next week is a big week for us!

We finally ordered the crib, dresser, carseat, and double stroller. We are organizing this weekend and washing Blake's baby clothes that Reid will wear. It's crazy pulling out some of Blake's old things. Makes me sad, but so excited we get to use them again.

Lot of baby stuff has come in the mail that we ordered on line this week. Crib sheet, baby bajorn carrier, bath wipes, exc. Getting closer!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little ones here is my growing list

With you two arriving just about 8 weeks away, here is my list of things I want to accomplish...the first one was accomplished yesterday and the second one will be accomplished today:

1) Buy crib/dresser
2) Buy double stroller/car seat
3) Buy a car
4) Buy organization bins
5) Buy a desk
6) Organize toys downstairs and upstairs
7) Organize cabinet in kitchen to fit formula and bottles
8) Organize coat closet
9) Get out all baby stuff and wash (ie. bassinet, pack play, toys, bouncy)
10) Was all of Rieds baby clothes
11) Meet with Pediatrician

I think that's about it for now...I am sure as time gets closer the list will continue to grow!

We want to make your arrival as smooth as possible...I am still so curious if you will go eight more weeks or come a tad early. I am so grateful that there are no for seen problems so far!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A fun memorable time for us

Yesterday my hardworking husband found out he got a bit of a promotion. It will require a job title change, office change, and territory change. I am so proud of how he works his tail off to provide and further his career.

I decided to celebrate his hard work I would make him his favorite homemade apple pie from scratch. All day I was telling Blake we are so proud of daddy, he got a new job.

It came time for daddy to come home from work and we couldn't wait to congratulate him. We waited in the kitchen to hear the garage door open so we could hold the pie and give him congrats hugs and kisses. I kept prepping Blake..."we are going to say congrats daddy we are so proud of you." While we were sitting waiting for daddy, Blake came up with a great idea. He went around the house collecting presents for daddy. He grabbed a birthday bag and started putting his blanket in there, powder, movies, and my Valentines day card in there. When he was all done, he was jumping up and down getting so excited for daddy to open his presents.

As the garage door opened, Blake ran to the door and said surprise...I said congrats we are proud of you. Gave him his homemade apple pie, and Blake jumped up and down giving him his presents. Daddy barely walked in the door and opened his gifts....he acted so happy and grateful. I should have taken a picture of Blake's face as he waited in excitement for each thing he pulled out of the birthday bag. Daddy gloated about each gift and said, "I can have all these" And Blake replied, "It's for you daddy" Daddy said, "Blake why don't you have your movie, you like sleeping with that" Blake said, " No daddy, it's for you" Well shortly after Blake responds...yes, daddy I want my movie.

What a memorable fun time for our family, Jason's hard work is paid off and seeing how excited Blake was!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Board Game

Blake got two board games for his birthday. I decided he can attempt to play them now that he will be three in about a month. We sat down on the family room floor today and played our first one:Candy Land. He did pretty good. He understood to move spaces according to the color you drew. He did great at taking turns, and even did good when he noticed I was beating him. Tomorrow we may bust out Chutes and Ladders.

Today I also signed him up for a buddy and me class at the hospital. It will be a tour of where I will be and a nursery of the babies. It should be fun!

Also, potty training is going pretty good except for number two. We have tried so hard to accomplish it. He does fine if we put him on the potty when we see him trying to go, but he doesn't take the initiative and go himself like he does when he has to do number 1. We are still working on it and will continue to do so until he is successful!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Okay, I am almost 29 weeks along and today I really began to prepare for your arrival. Daddy and I went shopping last night for your crib and finally decided on one we loved! Wouldn't you know when we finally decide on one, it's out of stock~grrrrrr. Anyways today daddy and Blake went to see Gigi and Paw Paw to celebrate Blake's 3rd birthday. Because how far along I am, I was unable to go along. I am sad to miss out on such exciting times with Blake.

Instead, mom stayed home and Auntie J came over. We made five meals to freeze for when you are born. After we made meals, I did some laundry to start getting cleaned all your clothes that we bought. I have a long way to go, but I have to start somewhere.

On Saturday, Sam is coming over to watch Blake for four hours so mommy and daddy can organize and get more stuff ready for you guys. That was a gift from Mimi and Pop Pop for Christmas, they always are thinking practical!

Off I go to get more stuff done!!!

Pictures at 28 weeks: Mom cooking meals for when you two of mommy's best friends and daddy on Valentine's day.....and a picture of the outfits you will come home in.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little babes

Went for my 28 week growth ultrasound. Reid weighed 2 pounds 9 oz and Tatum weighed 2 pounds 4 oz. They look healthy so far. As the dr was leaving the room, he said "congrats, you are doing good and no pre term labor anytime soon" That means in ten weeks the little boy and girl should be here! Still floors me we are having twins! Not sure when it will sink in, but I just am in awe that we will be coming home with two babies!

My belly button has begun to pop out, and I am feeling more and more like I am reliving the first trimester as far as fatigue goes. I still never felt the discomfort I feel now when I was pregnant with Blake. It's still hard to adjust to the fact I can't clean as much or bend as much as I used to. But soon enough after the little ones are born I will be back to doing all the things I loved and don't love doing!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been a hard couple weeks here. Jason and Blake have been sick. That means that I can't go and be out and about like I enjoy being and we are stuck inside! Everyday Blake will ask me, "mommy we go bye bye today" With his thick green runny nose we are inside all day! He has also been waking up at 6:30 and every night he is up two times in the middle of the night. That makes for not a happy camper toddler during the day.

On top of it, I am just HUGE and am so uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable to stand, sit, bend, so that leaves me to laying down all the time. I am not up to cleaning, I am not up to cooking, or baking anymore. I try to reserve my energy to handle Blake and that's about it.

Jason has been sick for a month now. He keeps fighting a cold. By the time he gets home, Blake is ready to wrestle and play tackle and we can't exactly do that with Jason feeling sick for so long.

It's just frustrating honestly. I can't do what I normally could do...vacuum, wash out the big soaker tub, lift heavy things.....I have to wait on Jason to do all that and it's very maddening. I could get it all done in one day, yet I can't do it. And the most frustrating thing is I really wanted to enjoy our time as a family of three doing fun things together and with how sick everyone has been and how exhausted I get, we haven't done ANYTHING!

I don't want to look back on these last few months with only Blake as a regret. I hope Blake and Jason are on the mend and we can have all of March and part of April to enjoy before the little ones arrive.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White out

Blake, you will never know or remember all the snow we are getting right now! It's amazing to me and something that I have never seen in my 31 years alive. The snow is up to our deck and is just a white blanket outside. The winds were amazing up to 60mph. We even had something called thunder and thunder in the middle of a snowstorm. The streets were so empty and everything is closed! Even daddy was told to not come to work and would reevaluate later this morning.

We had a great time in what they called the "Blizzard of 2011" Daddy came home early from work, we had an early dinner, made cookies, had a fire, and watched movies with you. It made you so happy, you had so much fun!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just what I needed

Deauternonmy 32:4
He is the rock, His works are perfect and all his ways just. A faithful God who does no wrong!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

25 week appointment

I am 25 weeks and measure addition I lost a pound. Next time I go to the dr. I do the glucose test.

I know one thing...Tatum is a mover...Reid is laid back! Anxious to see if that continues outside the womb.

Also, we had our brother in law come in and do some built ins for our closet. Oh my does it look awesome! Jason and I can now fit both of our clothes in the same closet. I organized Blake's, babies, and my closet after he left and am paying for it now! Wiped out and back pain...I gosta take it easy and somehow know when to stop.

Next on our agenda is get all the baby stuff out and have it cleaned and washed. Soon and very soon they will be here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reading a parenting book

So I am reading a parenting book called " Have a New Kid by Friday"

I was reading the workbook that goes along with the book and loved what it said.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Train = Training is different from teaching. Training suggests an ongoing process, practicing something over and over until you've got it down pat, and it has become a part of you. You keep at it.

Up = Too many parents train their children down instead of up. They speak for them, think for them, make decisions for them, fight their battles for them, and in so doing, they disable them. The scripture says train "up" a child. In other words, encourage that daughter to think for themselves, encourage that son to make good decisions and choices, and move along toward independence.

Child = Don't wait until your kids are adolescents or young adults. You've got to start the training early.

In the way = There are lots of ways a child can go these days, the choices are out there. What ever path the child chooses in life, it should be in harmony with God's path. As parents, we must acknowledge different possible paths for each child and train them accordingly.

He or she should go = This implies that we should discern the individuality and special "bent" that God has given each child. Parents should help each child develop his or her special abilities. Teachers, adult friends and grandparents can be a big help in that process.

And when he/she is old, he will not depart from it = It's much easier for kids to stay on the right path when they have been led to make right choices for themselves. Does that mean they will never foul up? No. But the guiding principle of Scripture is train them up right, and they will turn out right.

The word discipline suggests teaching and learning, not punishment and harsh consequences. Your home is a safe place for kids to get second chances and to foul up and make mistakes. No better place and no better people to make mistakes then your child's own home and parents.....a place where he is loved, accepted, and nurtured in.

Monday, January 24, 2011

24 weeks

I went to the hospital last week for a growth ultrasound. They measure the legs, arms, heart, head, weight, and see how the babies are developing. Once again, we walked away with a wonderful report. Tatum was 1 lb 7 oz and Reid was 1 lb 11 oz. So they are doing great. I go back in a month to recheck their growth!

Jason and I have started to redo closets. My bro in law comes this week to install new organizers. All we had before was one rail for clothes and then a shelf about the clothes. I am looking forward to getting drawers added and a double hang added too.

We went to the baby store (babies R us) and started looking at all the stuff we need for the babies. If I was having only one baby we wouldn't need so much, but because I am having two, we are in need of more bottles, bumbo, high chair, boppy, bibs, onsies, socks, hats, double stroller, crib set, car seat, and car!

Side note: Blake loves the baby store because he loves looking at baby wipes and movies. He loves his wipes!!!

Some items are not big purchase items and some are a huge purchase items. It's crazy all this will be in our home in the next three months along with two new babies.

I am hoping the babies will be healthy and can be taken home when I go home from the hospital.

Jason and I were able to have much needed alone time this past weekend. He wasn't feeling well, but I ran to babies r us, portillos, and then I came home and we rented a movie. It seems very little during the week we have time to talk alone. I am thankful for family that randomly took Blake for the night for us. We have averaged one date night a month. I guess that's more than most couples.....maybe?

I have been craving recces peanut butter cups and anything sweet lately!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

One of the reason

One of the reason's Jesus was brought to Earth was to bring hope and peace. It's nice to know that through my faith in him and the Bible I have access to that hope and peace.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Every night Blake prays

Jesus pray mommy's belly daddy's belly Amen!

He is so precious! I love him so much.

Not so easy

Having a hard time parenting Blake the past three weeks. I don't know what has gotten into him, but things just aren't working. I love him to death and it breaks my heart.....I can only hope that things change soon. I pray for wisdom and creativity in how to deal with him and discipline and yet I still struggle.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In the past but need it now

I have done this in the past, but I feel like I need to do it again....I need to list all the blessings I have been given by God

*Husband that loves the Lord
*Husband that provides
*Husband that works hard
*House over my head
*Two nice cars
*A healthy son
*Furniture to go in our home
*Food every week (more than we need)
*Money to buy clothes
*Money to have haircuts
*Money to go out to dinner
*Friends that are uplifting
*Family that loves, supports, and prays
*Church that is a place where I can be encouraged
*MOPS group
*Money for Blake to take classes
*Opportunity to be a stay at home mom
*Encouraging extended family

There are so many more to keep track of, but those were what came off the top of my head in the matter of three your face...I am blessed. No matter what you bring my way this week, coming months, the Lord has already blessed me with so much!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I need to remember this one

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan, that can succeed against the Lord. Proverbs 21:30

I have to tell myself when my life is surrendered to the Lord, all that happens is because of his perfect will in my life. Whether it's twins, Jason's job, family health, it's all of God's plan prevailing. Good or bad, happy or sad, I want nothing more than God's plan to be unfolded before me.

I have comfort knowing that there is no plan (mine or Satan's) that can be above the Lord's. When my hearts desire is to be walking the path that God has chosen for me, then his plan will succeed. What peace that brings!!!

Side note: Had 22 week ultrasound today and twins look great. Reid and Tatum are both head down this time and Tatum was actually kicking Reid today. Everything appears to measuring properly...and to quote the dr. "Everything looks great, keep doing what you are doing" Hmmm does that mean I can keep eating like a hog!!!???? I go back in two weeks to have them measure liquid and babies fully again.