Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trending Now

*in preschool Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30
*wearing underwear to bed and naps
*loving to play with his sister and brother
*into asking me who is married to who and if he can marry me or Tatum
*going to mimi and pop pops and spending the night
*not a fan of playing outside
*loves movies (watching them and carrying them around)
*not into trying to put his shoes on or learning to ride a bike
*likes doing homework sheets with moms (letters, coloring, drawing)
*putting on concerts for us
*asking daddy every morning if he is going to work today
*reading books with mommy in bed before bedtime
*eating peanut butter and jelly (no crust, open faced, eat jelly off first by using his fingers to pick it off. then eating the peanut butter and bread)
*granola bars and fishy crackers are his favorite snacks.
*making cookies with mommy
*making Santa a list

*Rolls over (before she was three months old)
*enjoys sleeping on her back
*loves/needs paci
*talks in her crib at three in the morning
*out eats Reid most of the time
*smiles and coos a lot
*loves to stand with help
*looks for Reid
*Entertained by Blake
*gearing up for her "crown"
*was just dedicated two days ago with Reid

*loves to laugh
*laughs easily
*very chill baby
*falls asleep easily
*loves to hold Tatums hand when close to her
*burps easily after a feeding
*rolls over (shortly after tatum did)
*smiles at everyone
*enjoys chewing on his shirts (sleeves or the top of his shirts)
*spits up more often than tatum
*prefers being on back vs. tummy

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Judith and Lance said...

Aw, I love the kid update and I love Blakers and his movies!