Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aint gonna lie

Having twins is not easy. It's very straining on every area of my life. I have come to realize that there will not be a day that goes as planned, there will not be a day that goes smoothly, and there will not be a relaxing day for awhile.

My heart hurts for Blake and I hope he doesn't feel the everyday stress I feel. I want to hear him laugh, smile, see him run around and enjoy being home with mommy and the babies. I try to spend time with him and play with him, but my energy is spent so much on the twins.

I wish there was a shot that I could give myself to give me two extra arms and two extra hands.

Now that the twins are older it's actually harder. They fuss more, they are awake more, they just plain old need more! I am trying to learn how to manage all of this, but am afraid I am failing daily.

I was once told by another mom of multiples that you will look back a these years with the twins and a toddler and think that you did all you could to just survive. I can totally see that to be true right now.

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