Wednesday, January 30, 2008

31 Weeks

I had my 31 week appointment on Monday and on Tuesday an ultrasound. I gained one pound in two weeks and the heartbeat was at 150 again. Jason didn't think he could make it to the ultrasound, so my mom came instead. I was laying on the bed with my big belly exposed when my mom walked in the room. The first thing she says without even seeing the baby on the screen was "I am going to cry". It meant alot for my mom to be there with me. I was so grateful she was able to see the little one. She saw the face and even asked the technician to scroll down to the butt so she could see the sex. We didn't see the sex of the baby. As my mom and I were in the ultrasound, Jason walked in and joined the party. My mom preceded to ask questions about the baby and was amazed at what she could see. She now thinks the baby is a girl. The baby is still breech so the doctor said we have a few more weeks to allow it to turn. So hopefully this precious baby in my belly will start to wiggle and giggle itself down to the birth canal ready to go in 8 weeks.

My fluid went up from 8 to 15 and the doctor said that was normal. So I go back on Feb. 13th and will see the doctor. I don't have another ultrasound scheduled...kind of odd for me and out of the normal not to have one scheduled.

Side note...the crib and dresser came in this week. WOW! I am having a baby!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

If you could

If you had all the money in the world and could hire one of the following....which would you hire daily:

1) house cleaner/does laundry too

2) Personal Chef/ does grocery shopping

3) Massage therapist

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It hit me!

I downloaded some worship songs for the baby. One song from a baby worship CD is called You Alone. We are familiar with that starts out as:

You are the only one I need
I bow all me at your feet
I worship you alone

You have given me more than I could ever have wanted
and I will give you my heart and my soul

You alone are father
You alone are good

I can't help lately but be so down for those who are going through so much. There are people who have cancer, those who are struggling spiritually, those who are hurting emotionally and financially, those who are dealing with a loss, and some who are in need of direct guidance from the Lord and provision.

I sang that song the above while I was doing my grades. Then it hit me....exactly what the first line says... YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE I NEED and goes on to say YOU ALONE ARE GOOD. I realized as I was praying that when we acknowledge that God is all we need what a sense of peace came over me. I felt a peace come over me as I was praying for many tonight...that God would meet their need that they would seek his face and every need they would have would be met seeking and knowing Christ is in control.

I can't help but think of another worship song that I downloaded for the's

Blessed Be The Name of the Lord

Blessed Be your name when I am found in the dessert place
though I walk through the wilderness Blessed be your name.

When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say Blessed be your name!

Though there is pain in the offering, blessed be your name!

My heart will choose to say, Blessed be the name of the Lord.

In the midst of life's trials, turmoils, and uncertainty Blessed be the name of the Lord. Though there is pain and day to day living not knowing how you will make it through another day blessed be his name!

My heart will choose to say Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I know that people's heart cries are not unheard. I know God is compassionate and gracious. I know that he will come through and provide where provision is needed and on whatever level it may be on.

I am trusting the Lord for many prayers to be answered and many to see that HE ALONE IS ENOUGH!

How Do I

I am so tired, I don't know how I am going to make it. I have to teach and put on a show for 8 hours everyday I am at work. I have to have energy and be entertaining so my kids will pay attention and learn. I just woke up from an 8 hour sleep and could go back to bed. I know I have only 10 weeks left of school, but I want to do everything I can to enjoy it and not have regrets.

Lord, help give me strength, energy, and creativity for my students. I can't make it on my own...if I did try to do it on my own I would collapse in my tiredness.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Judith and Jo Ann threw me my first baby shower on Friday, January 18Th at 7:00. The colors were green, purple, and coral. They served a variety of dips with chips and had fruit and cupcakes for dessert. They decorated with a pregnant lady wearing pink and black and holding a pink umbrella. They had candles and white pretty dishes. They played baby gift bingo in which Manda won. Then I had to write down my guess of the sex of the baby, when it would be born, and how much it would weigh and its height would be. (I guessed a boy, being born on March 24th, weighing a little over 8 pounds, and I think 20 inches) Whoever was closest to my guess won....the winner mom was closest to what I guessed. I was so glad that my mom and my sister came, and it was so sweet of Judith and Jo Ann to think of inviting them. It was a cold, cold, snowy evening. I had a great time! They made it so special and so pretty too. The best part of the shower was when they went around the room and prayed for Jason, me, and the baby. I felt so much love and support. I think Judith and Jo Ann did a great job of putting together the shower and making it memorable.
I am posting some pictures of the evening. I will post some other shower pictures because Bethany is throwing me one in two weeks and so is work.
Jason and I are so blessed by so many kind and generous people...our baby is already blessed!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's A......


I had my appointment and ultrasound today. I measured at 30 weeks along. 1 week more than what I had measured before. My due date stays the same but the growth of the baby is measuring at 30 weeks. It weighs 3 pounds and 8 oz.
In the ultrasound you could see the baby sucking, opening its eyes, had its hands in front of its face, had puffy cheeks, and is breech. For the first time seeing an ultrasound I wanted to cry. It seemed so real that there was a life in me. I was amazed. I was so glad that Jason was able to be at this ultrasound.
After we had the ultrasound we met with the dr. She said my fluid is still at 10 and I will have another ultrasound in two weeks with a dr. appointment. She also said the baby is breech and still has sometime to turn.

Please pray that the baby turns by 35 weeks. Thanks for everyone's prayers!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Input please!

what are good meals you can make and freeze?

I was thinking Chili, lasagna, banana bread...any other ideas?

What suggestions do you have to organize your house better?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

He Knows

So I was praying today for my little one...I keep hearing how recent mothers have had to give birth early because of low fluid or leaking fluid. At my last appointment, my fluid was 10 and 8 is the lowest it can be. I go back a week from today to check on the baby.

As I previously stated at the beginning of this blog, I was praying for this little life and had realized that God knows this precious baby's birthday. The Lord knows what month it will be born, what day it will be born, what sex it will be, and even down to the very minute it will be born. I am glad to know that God sees the unknown and I can just go along for the ride trusting he will give me a healthy little child. Everyday I need to lay my fears, doubts, and worries about the little life he has given me. I seem to not be able to fully let go of the unknown and what the future holds for this little life in me.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to school....back to school....

Alright, my Christmas break is over. I had a total of 3 days where I was able to rest in the afternoon and do nothing. Not too bad.....break was busy...

I am hesitant to go back to school today. I love my students, I love teaching, but I am exhausted so quickly, I ache, and my feet have been swollen quite a bit and i haven't even been on them as much as I will be this coming week.

I am in the home stretch now where there are about 50 more school days left of me teaching....crazy.....50 more days of me doing what I love doing.

Going back to school today I have in then next 50 days:
* 2 more report cards to fill out
* 1 more midterm
* Speech meet
* New Bible lessons
* Huge English report to help the kids write
* At least two more novel studies
* Help the kids master all their multiplication facts 1-12
* That is just a few of the things that need to be done, but most of all I want to have fun, interact and enjoy this kids....

I don't want the pregnancy and the last three months to get in the way of me enjoying my job. Lord give me strength at work when I feel like I have nothing left in me. Lord overflow in me so that my kids can see your love and tenderness. I pray that when I want to give up, quit, and feel unmotivated you would remind me of my calling and what a huge honor it truly is. Let all that I say and do in the next 3 months at CCS be you showing through me. Change my attitude and my heart so that I may be an example to the parents, staff, and children all around me. Use me in the next 50 days in a way that I couldn't ever imagine be used.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

No sleep sleepover

Yes...we did it again..we had a sleepover for the Mangilardi side of the family. It was a very fun time. I laughed so hard.....I had tears in my eyes. We played Pitt, Finish line, some ABC conversation starter game I think my aunt made up, family feud, and then one aunt did a little dance for us all. It was time for bed and I thought by sleeping in a bed in the bedroom there would be no interruptions. Ummm wrong....I was woken up by Parker grinding his teeth, gigi making noises with her own mouth, and kent tossing and turning and standing up in his crib. It was craziness. I went out to the family room where six other people were one aunt saying she can't sleep becuase she is too excited and having too much fun...grandma bea saying she can 't sleep either .....they were taking pictures in the dark making funny faces, and then I saw my dad sleeping on the couch in the living room...he got booted out of bed so someone could sleep in a bedroom. Ugh...the only one that I think slept uninterrupted and the whole night was my brother! I didn't sleep well at all! I had a blast last night.....just seeing everyone enjoying them selves, eating, laughing, making jokes, and being a family..and being so was so fun..I thought to myself could I do this next year with a 10 month old....I am not sure....but what a memory it would be.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


How do you get someone to hear what you are trying to say and acknowledge what you are asking? Sometimes I think prejudgments get in the way of hearing what one wants to say or a need they are expressing. hmmm does that make sense?

****I saw the baby kick my belly special.....somedays the baby is active and somedays it's just in a slump, today has been an active day..thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Little Updates

* Went to the dr. today. Got a random ultrasound to check on the babies heartbeat and my fluid. Had a stress test too. A normal fluid amount is 8-20...mine was at 10. She said it's okay, and will see me back in 2 weeks. Was told to count the kicks one hour at a time after eating...should have eight kicks. Ultrasound showed a baby...scrunched up in my tummy. What I thought was the butt all the time and could feel ended up being its head. Heart rate around 150 again.

*Went to the Herrington in Geneva with Jason. It was wonderful. They had a turn down service like what we had in Mexico. Cookies, milk, a card that showed the weather for the next day, fireplace, room was on the river, bathrooms and room were so clean.

* Had a pregnancy was wonderful...I drooled five minutes after my head hit the pillow that's how relaxed I was.

* Jason and I went to dinner the night we were at the Herrington we ordered dessert and before I could put my fork in it he said wait. He got out a candle and matches he brought from home and sang happy was so sweet. He got me another certificate for massage or manicure or pedicure to Jo Ric...something like that....

* I don't have any New Years that bad?

* Saw my precious baby kick and my stomach move on Christmas night