Sunday, January 13, 2008

Input please!

what are good meals you can make and freeze?

I was thinking Chili, lasagna, banana bread...any other ideas?

What suggestions do you have to organize your house better?


ginag said...

Those meals are exactly what I would say to you. If you like tacos or sloppy joes, you can cook and prepare the meat and freeze it, so all you have to do is defrost. I will keep thinking, I feel pretty brain dead right now!

Bethany Patrice said...

you can do the meatloafs in cupcake pans. the boys like when i put sauce and mozerella on them after they are defrosted. blueberry muffins for breakfast..i make a dozen, keep half out, and freeze the other half.

organize...the organized person has no sentiment. Meaning, don't be a pack rat!!!! If you haven't used it in a year, throw it away. Don't keep clothes from 4th grade, papers from kindergarten......You're going to have to part with things sharonie.

ginag said...

Other things to freeze: cookie dough (I like mine better than store bought) and soups

Lana said...

Sharon! You are having a baby SOON! :) The subject of freezer meals was a recent thread on the message boards. I copied and pasted a bunch of ideas and am e-mailing them to you. As for organization - I am trying to put things where I "need" them, not necessarily where I think they "should" go. In other words, the pack-n-play is in the living room, so I finally thought to store the sheets for it in a drawer of the chest in the living room (not in Nathaniel's room). Also, I keep some of his washcloths there, too, for cleaning his sweet face after cereal or a bit spit up. Another idea - after he was born I had to limit trips up and down the stairs (due to the C-section), but I imagine you will fill the same way after your delivery just to do fatigue! I kept a basket or bag near the steps and put things in it to take up or down on my next trip. love you!

Kelly Weinberg said...

I would leave some suggestions if I had them, but the only thing I freeze is Ice Cream and vegetables! My mom used to do the frozen chicken noodle soup thing, but you already have that suggestion.

Here's a healthy a bag of frozen vegetables and a box of minute whole grain brown rice. Stir fry the frozen veggie's with some teriyaki sauce in a frying pan. Cook the minute rice and then add the two together on a plate. Now you have vegetable stir fry...yummy and low fat too!! :)