Tuesday, January 8, 2008

He Knows

So I was praying today for my little one...I keep hearing how recent mothers have had to give birth early because of low fluid or leaking fluid. At my last appointment, my fluid was 10 and 8 is the lowest it can be. I go back a week from today to check on the baby.

As I previously stated at the beginning of this blog, I was praying for this little life and had realized that God knows this precious baby's birthday. The Lord knows what month it will be born, what day it will be born, what sex it will be, and even down to the very minute it will be born. I am glad to know that God sees the unknown and I can just go along for the ride trusting he will give me a healthy little child. Everyday I need to lay my fears, doubts, and worries about the little life he has given me. I seem to not be able to fully let go of the unknown and what the future holds for this little life in me.


Kelly Weinberg said...

God does know Sharon!! I think it is wonderful that you are holding to the promise of HIS faithfullness to us! Your baby is going to be born on the day that God wrote that plan for your life while YOU were in your mother's womb! How incredible is that!!

I'm still praying that it will be a smooth delivery for you!! You are going to be a wonderful Mommy - very soon!!

Bethany Patrice said...

mommy...i have to pee and poo.

mommy...am i a bad boy? (after almost stealing juice)

are you ready?