Saturday, January 5, 2008

No sleep sleepover

Yes...we did it again..we had a sleepover for the Mangilardi side of the family. It was a very fun time. I laughed so hard.....I had tears in my eyes. We played Pitt, Finish line, some ABC conversation starter game I think my aunt made up, family feud, and then one aunt did a little dance for us all. It was time for bed and I thought by sleeping in a bed in the bedroom there would be no interruptions. Ummm wrong....I was woken up by Parker grinding his teeth, gigi making noises with her own mouth, and kent tossing and turning and standing up in his crib. It was craziness. I went out to the family room where six other people were one aunt saying she can't sleep becuase she is too excited and having too much fun...grandma bea saying she can 't sleep either .....they were taking pictures in the dark making funny faces, and then I saw my dad sleeping on the couch in the living room...he got booted out of bed so someone could sleep in a bedroom. Ugh...the only one that I think slept uninterrupted and the whole night was my brother! I didn't sleep well at all! I had a blast last night.....just seeing everyone enjoying them selves, eating, laughing, making jokes, and being a family..and being so was so fun..I thought to myself could I do this next year with a 10 month old....I am not sure....but what a memory it would be.

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