Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's A......


I had my appointment and ultrasound today. I measured at 30 weeks along. 1 week more than what I had measured before. My due date stays the same but the growth of the baby is measuring at 30 weeks. It weighs 3 pounds and 8 oz.
In the ultrasound you could see the baby sucking, opening its eyes, had its hands in front of its face, had puffy cheeks, and is breech. For the first time seeing an ultrasound I wanted to cry. It seemed so real that there was a life in me. I was amazed. I was so glad that Jason was able to be at this ultrasound.
After we had the ultrasound we met with the dr. She said my fluid is still at 10 and I will have another ultrasound in two weeks with a dr. appointment. She also said the baby is breech and still has sometime to turn.

Please pray that the baby turns by 35 weeks. Thanks for everyone's prayers!


Karebear said...

Doesn't it just make it so REAL to see that little guy @ the ultrasound?? I'm so, so excited for you guys! xoxo

ginag said...

That had to be SO exciting. I am glad the baby is doing well and growing!!! I will be a prayin'!

Bethany Patrice said...

puffy checks? What, are you having a rabbit?

Did you see if my niece or nephew had any apendages below the belt?