Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Little Updates

* Went to the dr. today. Got a random ultrasound to check on the babies heartbeat and my fluid. Had a stress test too. A normal fluid amount is 8-20...mine was at 10. She said it's okay, and will see me back in 2 weeks. Was told to count the kicks one hour at a time after eating...should have eight kicks. Ultrasound showed a baby...scrunched up in my tummy. What I thought was the butt all the time and could feel ended up being its head. Heart rate around 150 again.

*Went to the Herrington in Geneva with Jason. It was wonderful. They had a turn down service like what we had in Mexico. Cookies, milk, a card that showed the weather for the next day, fireplace, room was on the river, bathrooms and room were so clean.

* Had a pregnancy was wonderful...I drooled five minutes after my head hit the pillow that's how relaxed I was.

* Jason and I went to dinner the night we were at the Herrington we ordered dessert and before I could put my fork in it he said wait. He got out a candle and matches he brought from home and sang happy was so sweet. He got me another certificate for massage or manicure or pedicure to Jo Ric...something like that....

* I don't have any New Years that bad?

* Saw my precious baby kick and my stomach move on Christmas night


Happyness said...

Too, too precious! The time will be here before you know it and soon two will turn into three!

Judith and Lance said...

HAHA -- drooled? You sound like a St. Bernard (not sure how to spell that!!) I wish I could've seen that one.

Gosh, you have a sweet husband.

Keep me update on movement of the baby.

We really need to go to the Herrington. It looks so romantic and fun.

Did I mention I love being able to call you 10 times during the day?

Judith and Lance said...

Oh, I am included in the NO New Year's resolution club, evidenced by what I ate for lunch today --- a Coke, fries and an Italian Beef sandwich from Portillos.... so much for keeping off the weight I lost when I was sick @ Christmas. Guess I'll just have to get sick again soon... HAHA only kidding! (well, kind of)

PS Do i get any credit for exercising today???