Tuesday, March 29, 2011

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks along today! A month from tomorrow we will for sure be holding our two little babes! I am getting more and more curious how each one is going to look. I am too though getting more and more anxious about all the HUGE changes that are coming our way. I am hoping I will be a laid back flexible mom for the little ones. Today I went to the dr. and measured 40 weeks along. I shared with the OB that I am more and more having contractions. She said at this point if the twins are born there most likely would not be any major health issues. And for someone tiny as I am to be carrying twins, I am due for frequent contractions.

So here on out little ones, you can come! We are almost ALL ready. We still need our crib and dresser to come, but we have everything else we need for your arrivals.

Blake has been so kissy and loving towards me lately. I talk about Reid and Tatum alot and he is so excited to meet them. He probably is feeling like very soon life is going to change for him. He gives me random hugs and kisses and I just LOVE it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

32 weeks and more

I went to my dr and the hospital. I go to the dr every week and also the hospital so I am constantly being watched and checked which I love!

Tatum is 4 pounds 2oz and Reid is 4 pounds. I have had several braxton hicks contractions. They did a stress test and saw the contractions and will keep an eye on it, but nothing to worry about. The dr. said this is my new norm. The fluid on the babies look great as well. I am not dilated or effaced at all. Things are going well.

I am very uncomfortable and live for the weekends when daddy is home. He takes Blake out so mommy can have her feet up, he plays with him, gives him lunch, and I contribute the reason I have done so well so far in the pregnancy to not only prayers but my husband doing and helping so much!

I have a gut feeling I won't be going 38 weeks, but we'll see!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


At around 10:15 this morning, I got a phone call from the dr. office. They called to tell me that they are going to schedule my date for my c-section. I cried when she told me the date, I just couldn't believe this is all going to happen so fast. I am getting nervous and excited! We are about 6.5 weeks away, they have it scheduled for April 27th. I think honestly, that I won't make it that long. I just can't see myself going that late! The days are getting harder and harder to go through. I am getting bigger and very irritable. I am averaging about four hours of sleep at night and have not had much of an appetite either. I eat about one big meal a day and snack the rest of the time. I don't crave much, but I did tell Jason there are a couple of things I want to eat before the babies come:
1) Jimmy Johns vito sub ( I did today)
2) Choc shake (I did on Tuesday from Ober.)
3) Strawberry shortcake or cheesecake...both would do :)
4) Portillos roast beef
5) Stuffed pizza

I have eaten 2 of the 5...that gives me 6.5 more weeks left to do the other 3.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Blake will be three in about three weeks. He is something else that little man. I adore him to pieces and miss him still when he sleeps....but don't get me wrong it's a nice time for me to relax too.

Lately, Blake is very much into playing store. He will get his shopping cart, filled it up with LOTS of toys, and scan his toys with his cash register. He then takes out his wallet to pay for all his things. We played store together for about a half hour the other day! It was so fun!

Blake can count to 15, knows his ABC, and is now learning his letters. HE knows letters B, A, W, X, Y, S, R, and O. I slowly add new letters every couple weeks. He loves to idenitfy the letters he knows on signs while we are driving or while we are reading. He knows his shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, star, and octagon. He has known his main colors for awhile now. He is so much fun to be around.

He still loves to tackle and can really throw and hit a ball. Jason will throw a ball and Blake will hit it without a tee. He honestly impresses me!

Blake recently has been into treating bear like a human and baby. He likes to give bear food from our cabinet, water, medicine, exc. Bear gets his diaper changed, his teeth brushed, and gets wrapped up in a towel which is his baby blanket.

As far as bed time goes and potty training...well...potty training is going well for number one...number two we still struggle with. I hope he grasps both of those before too long. In Sept. Blake will go to preschool two days a week and he has to be fully potty trained in order to get in!

Bedtime is about 8:30 or so. He has been recently talking about how mommy and daddy won't leave him. I am not sure why he is talking about it or worried about it. But Jason and I reassure him all the time that we will never leave him. When we leave his room after praying and telling stories, Blake will say, "I love you so much. I love you lots" Ugh melts my heart...then he gives us a big squeeze for a hug and a kiss. He often asks for three or four of those before we leave the room, and unfortunately I have to put an end to it or he would never let me leave.

He sleeps with his Bear, animals (five of them) and always his movies. He has this thing for movies...he has to carry them around the house, have them in bed, have them in the car....he just loves his movies. Of course we just let him have the case and not the CD.

As I type out all these things that Blake is doing and into right now, it makes me amazed at how much he has grown up, he thinks he reads words now, he loves to sing in a microphone, loves to dance, he is quite the character. It's hard for me to imagine in just 7 weeks he will not be the only child, but will move into the big brother role.

I love BLakers and am so grateful I got three years of just him all to myself!