Thursday, March 10, 2011


At around 10:15 this morning, I got a phone call from the dr. office. They called to tell me that they are going to schedule my date for my c-section. I cried when she told me the date, I just couldn't believe this is all going to happen so fast. I am getting nervous and excited! We are about 6.5 weeks away, they have it scheduled for April 27th. I think honestly, that I won't make it that long. I just can't see myself going that late! The days are getting harder and harder to go through. I am getting bigger and very irritable. I am averaging about four hours of sleep at night and have not had much of an appetite either. I eat about one big meal a day and snack the rest of the time. I don't crave much, but I did tell Jason there are a couple of things I want to eat before the babies come:
1) Jimmy Johns vito sub ( I did today)
2) Choc shake (I did on Tuesday from Ober.)
3) Strawberry shortcake or cheesecake...both would do :)
4) Portillos roast beef
5) Stuffed pizza

I have eaten 2 of the 5...that gives me 6.5 more weeks left to do the other 3.

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Judith and Lance said...

Oh Shar Shar. I'm so sorry you aren't getting much sleep. I so wish I was there to come over and enjoy some of that yummy food with you and take Blake off your hands for a while so he and Bella could duke it out!! :) (and perhaps watch a movie or two!)