Tuesday, March 29, 2011

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks along today! A month from tomorrow we will for sure be holding our two little babes! I am getting more and more curious how each one is going to look. I am too though getting more and more anxious about all the HUGE changes that are coming our way. I am hoping I will be a laid back flexible mom for the little ones. Today I went to the dr. and measured 40 weeks along. I shared with the OB that I am more and more having contractions. She said at this point if the twins are born there most likely would not be any major health issues. And for someone tiny as I am to be carrying twins, I am due for frequent contractions.

So here on out little ones, you can come! We are almost ALL ready. We still need our crib and dresser to come, but we have everything else we need for your arrivals.

Blake has been so kissy and loving towards me lately. I talk about Reid and Tatum alot and he is so excited to meet them. He probably is feeling like very soon life is going to change for him. He gives me random hugs and kisses and I just LOVE it!

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Laura C said...

So cute to see you pregnant..you look wonderful!!