Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today a day for new things

Blake ate Cheerios and goldfish for the first time. For awhile all he wanted were his puffs, baby biscuits, and yogurt. We are going to try and have him eat baked potatoes and peas for dinner tonight. He has been a finicky eater lately, which is strange for us because he use to eat anything and everything before. He also walked about 10ft by himself this afternoon. My goal is to try and have him walking by his first birthday. We'll see though, that's only 4 weeks away.

Friday, February 20, 2009

SOme of many

This is just one of Blake's many pictures that were taken for his 1yr picture. Ahhh he looks like a little school boy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

melts me

little blakers learned to blow kisses today...melts my heart!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Never Did I Think

Never did I think I would be sad when this day would come. I thought I would be rejoicing and celebrating by having spicy foods and drinking regular coffee. I do have to say that as I realized this day was approaching, my heart filled with sadness.

Today, is the day that I have stopped nursing. It's just shy of 10 1/2 months that I have nursed Blake. At the beginning I wanted to quit so bad. Jason encouraged me to keep going and friends would often say that it gets better. After one infection and bleeding while nursing, I was sure that I was going to be done at 3 months. Not a day longer. Time passed, and everyone was right, nursing got to be easy and Blake was such a fast nurser that it just became so natural and a time where Blake and I bonded.

As Blake has gotten older and has become more active, my time that he allows me to cuddle and hold him has dwindled. I looked forward to when it would be time to nurse because that meant I got to snuggle him for a few minutes.

I had to be put on some medication today that does not allow me to nurse. I had decided that since I was just nursing twice a day, it would be fine to totally stop all together. I made sure before I started the medicine, I had one last time to nurse Blake. As I nestled him into my arms, I stroked his face and soaked in the moment.

If I am this emotional about ending my time of nursing Blake...golly how will I be for his first day of kindergarten???!!!