Thursday, January 28, 2010

Change, Transition, and Risk

Monday Jan. 11th
I feel as though change, transition and taking a risk is in our near future. I keep reading about it, sermon about it, and feel my conversations are consumed with it. We just turned down a position to go to IN for a job promotion, but I still feel like God is preparing us to take a risk in something and getting out of our comfort zone wanting us to trust him more. I heard a song on the radio on Sunday to help me be okay with change in our future. The song had a line that said, "God above all my hopes and fears....I am gonna be alright"

Not sure what that means, but I am anxious for God to reveal it to me. I am not sure if it means a job relocation. I am hoping it doesn't mean $ problems. We have been in such a comfort zone when it comes to his job, home, family in area, be staying home as a mom...that I hope it's none of those things. But I would be okay with relocating our family for Jason's job to make more $. Basically IN would have been a risk, change, and a position to where God would want to trust him, but it involved Jason traveling more adn being gone till 8 at night most nights. We felt for our family that this was not a job for a young growing family. Jason couldn't do faith and family first if he took that job. By saying no...Jason and I felt like we were sticking to priorities and to what would honor God.

As I feel change, transition, and risk is in our future.....I await in prayer and anticipation to see how and when this will all come about.

Wednesday January 13th
Today I read this in my devotions: Women must step out of their cozy comfort zones accept God's invitation to journey onward. When we sense the unmistakable stirring of the Holy Spirit beckoning us to a deeper walk, we have to decide to do what will stretch us. Fear of Change and the desire to avoid challenge often stand in the way of a believer's growing into an experiential relationship with God.

Call me crazy...but to feel in my heart on Saturday and Sunday that God does want to take us out of our comfort zone and then to read on Monday about taking risks and today about fear of change.... I see God is preparing us for something. I am willing to do and go wherever Christ may want me and my family. What is God stirring in my heart and when will I begin to see what all this prep is for?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wanted it gone!

Oh little one. About two months ago, I was wanting to get rid of your pacie. I talked to daddy about it and decided when you turned two it was going to go bye bye. I even talked to the doctor last week about how when you turn two that it is recommend for you to not have the pacie anymore.

Tuesday night you were laying in bed with daddy and me doing our nightly wind down routine. I wanted you to tell daddy something, so I tried to get your pacie out of your mouth and you wouldn't let it go. You were so determined to keep it, that you tore part of it off. I told daddy that there was no way you could sleep with a dangling pacie like that. We looked around the house for a spare, and we couldn't find one. We put you to bed that night with no pacie. It was so cute though. I went to rock you night night and you kept talking to me. You wouldn't stop talking. Finally, daddy put you night night. You did great with out the pacie that night! Well...little one....from that point on you have not had a pacie. You ask for it and we say "ALL GONE!"

I am so glad that getting rid of pacie hasn't been a hassle and that we were able to get rid of it before you were two!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!

Now what's on mommy's mind is trying to set you up for a big boy bed in the near future and even in the next six months or so starting to potty train!