Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wanted it gone!

Oh little one. About two months ago, I was wanting to get rid of your pacie. I talked to daddy about it and decided when you turned two it was going to go bye bye. I even talked to the doctor last week about how when you turn two that it is recommend for you to not have the pacie anymore.

Tuesday night you were laying in bed with daddy and me doing our nightly wind down routine. I wanted you to tell daddy something, so I tried to get your pacie out of your mouth and you wouldn't let it go. You were so determined to keep it, that you tore part of it off. I told daddy that there was no way you could sleep with a dangling pacie like that. We looked around the house for a spare, and we couldn't find one. We put you to bed that night with no pacie. It was so cute though. I went to rock you night night and you kept talking to me. You wouldn't stop talking. Finally, daddy put you night night. You did great with out the pacie that night! Well...little one....from that point on you have not had a pacie. You ask for it and we say "ALL GONE!"

I am so glad that getting rid of pacie hasn't been a hassle and that we were able to get rid of it before you were two!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!

Now what's on mommy's mind is trying to set you up for a big boy bed in the near future and even in the next six months or so starting to potty train!


Megan said...

Great job, Mommy and Daddy! :D

Sues said...

That is SO HUGE & awesome!!! I am SO GLAD it was such an easy thing, instead of some long, drawn out ordeal!!!

The big boy bed will be easy, too! Don't let anyone scare you that he'll be out of bed all the time. Both of mine stayed put! :-)

Lana said...

Get ready for some AWESOME chatting! I hope you still have the monitor! Oh, the wonderful things we overhear from Nathaniel! Big boy bed went awesome...potty training...well...he was totally into it, and now totally not. I've heard that from a lot of Moms of boys, though. So, one day at a time! Great job, Blake!