Friday, December 25, 2009


We hosted our first family Holiday at our house yesterday. We had Christmas Eve with mimi, pop pop, grandma, auntie niece, uncle andy, auntie Angela, uncle John, uncle mike, auntie J, uncle J, auntie B, uncle E, parker, kent, uncle rich, erika, nico, gigi, and of course mommy, daddy, and you. We had beef, mostacholi, homemade cavetell, veggie casserole, chicke parm, and many appitizers and dessert including a candy buffet.

First we met with just my immediate family. Pop pop read the Christmas story as you, Parker, and Kent (well at times kent was eating chips at the table) sat on his lap. A great memory for me!

We had a great time and mommy did't want it to end. We tried to put on the Christmas play and pop pop played Joseph. It was so funny...pop pop was a great sport about it.

You little one love to play with your cousins. You don't actually play with tackle them instead. You love it though.

I love how now that you are here and almost 2...what was our family traditions you are able to experience yourself.

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Lana said...

Sharon, we have to catch up! So glad you had a great Christmas! Love you!