Tuesday, April 12, 2011

36 weeks

Today I went to my OB appointment in which I just have one more left before the little ones arrive. I measured 45 weeks along and tomorrow they will confirm my c-section date. I had a crazy dream....really the only pregnancy related dream my whole pregnancy thus far. I had a dream that I had my c-section, but only one baby was taken out...Reid. The sewed me back up, sent me back home to recover. As I was recovering at home I felt some kicks and realized Tatum was still in my belly. We had to go back to CDH and they had to do another c-section to take Tatum out...wonder what this dream means. Interpret for me someone!

I know my family is so anxious to meet these little ones. I know they are looking to them to bring some joy and happiness to such a hard time in our lives. I am praying that these two will be easy babies....healthy....sleep through the night...eat well...play well..poop well...and not be stressful!


Samantha said...

Perhaps it's what I referred to a few days ago with little Tatum making her stamp on this world amongst the boys - maybe she's saying, "Hey! Don't forget about me, too!" Praying for a smooth remaining few weeks! You've done AWESOME, momma!

Cara said...

They will be a complete joy in your life! As far as the dream, Reid will be a little easier. Tatum will take longer to adjust to life outside of the womb. Just a guess :)