Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Waiting Room

My dad has been in the hospital for several days now. I have gone to see him twice a day and have been able to spend some time with him.

Last night, we were all in the waiting room waiting for him to get out of the MRI. I looked around and it was everyone that I love dearly and are a huge support system to me.

I noticed though that I didn't have my support there that I have had my whole life. The strong callused hands to put around me, laugh with me, tell jokes with me. He wasn't fact we were all there to support and wait for dad.

I had a hard time being in that waiting room knowing he was helpless in a hospital bed going through what he is going through.

I went home last night and couldn't sleep. I put on Hillsongs preaching and listened to a guy talk about be overcomers in our thoughts. I was very encouraged and began to pray and worship for a few min. I felt a peace surround me during this time.

After those encouraging moments I went upstairs to shower and just began to pray more and become frustrated that we had to wait for results of MRI. I hate the waiting process, and was quickly brought back to the thought of being alone in the waiting room at the hospital wishing for my dad to have been there to encourage and lighten up the situation.

God soon spoke to me and said, "You are in the waiting room and I am with you...I am your heavenly father waiting with you and holding you."

I so needed that word and comfort from the Lord. Friends have been asking what they could pray for and I have simply said peace...peace to surround me. At that moment when God spoke to my heart I had a peace.

After my shower, Jason knew that I was up and took my hand and just prayed with me out loud. Prayed for his family, my family, for our mind to not be influenced by neg thoughts. That was a bonding moment with Jason that I will never forget. I soon fell asleep after that prayer.

These past few days have been very difficult. I hope that they figure out what is wrong with my dad and will make things better for him and our family. This is not easy, but Lord remain close and faithful to my family that we cannot deny that your hand isn't evident.

I am blessed and so grateful for friends and other family members who are so supportive. It is God's hands extended to us!

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Sues said...

What a blessing and perfectly-timed word from God! He is SOOOO GOOD, esp. when we are upset!