Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little babes

Went for my 28 week growth ultrasound. Reid weighed 2 pounds 9 oz and Tatum weighed 2 pounds 4 oz. They look healthy so far. As the dr was leaving the room, he said "congrats, you are doing good and no pre term labor anytime soon" That means in ten weeks the little boy and girl should be here! Still floors me we are having twins! Not sure when it will sink in, but I just am in awe that we will be coming home with two babies!

My belly button has begun to pop out, and I am feeling more and more like I am reliving the first trimester as far as fatigue goes. I still never felt the discomfort I feel now when I was pregnant with Blake. It's still hard to adjust to the fact I can't clean as much or bend as much as I used to. But soon enough after the little ones are born I will be back to doing all the things I loved and don't love doing!

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