Friday, February 25, 2011

29 week appointment

At 29 weeks I measure 37 and gained 3 pounds in a week. I have some new friends on my tummy as of two weeks ago :( I didn't have those with Blake so it's something new for me and I think they will be with me for my whole life.

Everything looked good at dr. office. I go next week to the hospital for an ultrasound to check on the fluid of Tatum. It's low so they want to keep an eye on it to make sure she is continuing to grow. If it's too low they will have to take the babies early. I am hoping to go at least 34 weeks. 36 weeks would be next week is a big week for us!

We finally ordered the crib, dresser, carseat, and double stroller. We are organizing this weekend and washing Blake's baby clothes that Reid will wear. It's crazy pulling out some of Blake's old things. Makes me sad, but so excited we get to use them again.

Lot of baby stuff has come in the mail that we ordered on line this week. Crib sheet, baby bajorn carrier, bath wipes, exc. Getting closer!!!

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