Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A fun memorable time for us

Yesterday my hardworking husband found out he got a bit of a promotion. It will require a job title change, office change, and territory change. I am so proud of how he works his tail off to provide and further his career.

I decided to celebrate his hard work I would make him his favorite homemade apple pie from scratch. All day I was telling Blake we are so proud of daddy, he got a new job.

It came time for daddy to come home from work and we couldn't wait to congratulate him. We waited in the kitchen to hear the garage door open so we could hold the pie and give him congrats hugs and kisses. I kept prepping Blake..."we are going to say congrats daddy we are so proud of you." While we were sitting waiting for daddy, Blake came up with a great idea. He went around the house collecting presents for daddy. He grabbed a birthday bag and started putting his blanket in there, powder, movies, and my Valentines day card in there. When he was all done, he was jumping up and down getting so excited for daddy to open his presents.

As the garage door opened, Blake ran to the door and said surprise...I said congrats we are proud of you. Gave him his homemade apple pie, and Blake jumped up and down giving him his presents. Daddy barely walked in the door and opened his gifts....he acted so happy and grateful. I should have taken a picture of Blake's face as he waited in excitement for each thing he pulled out of the birthday bag. Daddy gloated about each gift and said, "I can have all these" And Blake replied, "It's for you daddy" Daddy said, "Blake why don't you have your movie, you like sleeping with that" Blake said, " No daddy, it's for you" Well shortly after Blake responds...yes, daddy I want my movie.

What a memorable fun time for our family, Jason's hard work is paid off and seeing how excited Blake was!

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Judith and Lance said...

Wow, he must really love his daddy to sacrifice one of his movies. I loved this little story!