Thursday, January 27, 2011

25 week appointment

I am 25 weeks and measure addition I lost a pound. Next time I go to the dr. I do the glucose test.

I know one thing...Tatum is a mover...Reid is laid back! Anxious to see if that continues outside the womb.

Also, we had our brother in law come in and do some built ins for our closet. Oh my does it look awesome! Jason and I can now fit both of our clothes in the same closet. I organized Blake's, babies, and my closet after he left and am paying for it now! Wiped out and back pain...I gosta take it easy and somehow know when to stop.

Next on our agenda is get all the baby stuff out and have it cleaned and washed. Soon and very soon they will be here.

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kdana said...

can't wait to see the great job done in your closet. that was so sweet of your bro in law to help!