Monday, January 24, 2011

24 weeks

I went to the hospital last week for a growth ultrasound. They measure the legs, arms, heart, head, weight, and see how the babies are developing. Once again, we walked away with a wonderful report. Tatum was 1 lb 7 oz and Reid was 1 lb 11 oz. So they are doing great. I go back in a month to recheck their growth!

Jason and I have started to redo closets. My bro in law comes this week to install new organizers. All we had before was one rail for clothes and then a shelf about the clothes. I am looking forward to getting drawers added and a double hang added too.

We went to the baby store (babies R us) and started looking at all the stuff we need for the babies. If I was having only one baby we wouldn't need so much, but because I am having two, we are in need of more bottles, bumbo, high chair, boppy, bibs, onsies, socks, hats, double stroller, crib set, car seat, and car!

Side note: Blake loves the baby store because he loves looking at baby wipes and movies. He loves his wipes!!!

Some items are not big purchase items and some are a huge purchase items. It's crazy all this will be in our home in the next three months along with two new babies.

I am hoping the babies will be healthy and can be taken home when I go home from the hospital.

Jason and I were able to have much needed alone time this past weekend. He wasn't feeling well, but I ran to babies r us, portillos, and then I came home and we rented a movie. It seems very little during the week we have time to talk alone. I am thankful for family that randomly took Blake for the night for us. We have averaged one date night a month. I guess that's more than most couples.....maybe?

I have been craving recces peanut butter cups and anything sweet lately!


Sues said...

Sadly, that IS more than most couples! We went on our first date last weekend since the end of Sept!!!! We *are* using our house-hunting trip to Georgia next weekend, though, as a "date trip". :-P

kdana said...

i want to see ultra sound pics...

Cara said...

We average one every 3 months! Sad to say we need to make more time for each other. Friends of ours have one date a week!