Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just one of those days

So I think I have been really good with my hormones...I have my moments, but today it was a morning of hormones. I just cried for one reason.....I am sad that when the baby comes it won't be just Jason and me. So I cried when getting ready for church and then when at church on the way in I cried....Jason hugged me and asked if I wanted to leave and come back for second service and for him and I to go do something together. I ended up composing myself and being fine in church.

When church ended we went to breakfast, stopped by my parents (I had to go potty bad), and then went shopping and driving to look at houses. Jason helped me pick out my first two pair of maternity pants. A black pair from motherhood and a pair of jeans from gap. We had a great day together and I savored every moment not wanting it to end.

I am thankful my husband wants to spend time with me and was willing to give up his baseball and football games so we can enjoy one anothers company. In less than six months it will be the three of us...right now I am going to hog him all I can!

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ginag said...

That's right, enjoy your time together. You will still get to have date nights and what not when your pee wee is born, but it won't be the same! I like the new background, you're getting all fancy on me!!!!