Wednesday, October 17, 2007

World War 3

President Bush talked about Iran and the possibly of World War 3 today. There are 2 options
1) Living through a world war and I can't imagine that
2) Jesus coming back...which am I ready for...yes, but still have things that I want to accomplish here on earth.

When I think of Heaven it overwhelms me. When I think of how long eternity is it hurts my head. When I think of being in Heaven and not kissing my husband and having him hold me, it hurts me. When I think of how we will worship Jesus and see him face to face it is unfathamable.

Is it okay to have mixed emotions about Heaven?

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Judith and Lance said...

I've often pondered the same question??? I want Lance to be my mansion roommate and it makes me SOOO especially very sad that he won't be! One thing that has always comforted me when I think about it, is that we will have a completely different frame of mind and probably won't even notice it b/c we'll be too busy praising God.