Monday, October 22, 2007

Gina, Samantha, and Janna You are Tagged!

I was blog tagged by Judith to write 7 unknown facts about myself that most readers don't know about me. I don't have many blogger friends to I tag these people if you read this blog: Gina, Samantha, and Janna. I know others read the blog, but don't have one of their own....people get a blog.

1) I want to start a buisness called Friend For A Day and be a friend to all the lonely people in the world.

2) I love olives

3) I love talking with older women

4) I had my eye on Jason even before we ever met

5) I love snowstorms when I know no one can leave their house (that means everyone is safe)

6) I do not want to live in a huge house

7) Growing up I wanted to be a Pastor's wife, a radio DJ, a chef, and a hair dresser.


Kelly Weinberg said...

Growing up I wanted to be a Pastor's wife too! And I also LOVE olives!! We are so similar...I think that is why we are such great friends! :) I feel a special bond now that I know you loved the Mickey Mouse Club too! I used to have a crush on Damon. Where did all of those MMC people go? This factoid stuff was fun today!

Judith and Lance said...

Shar - tks for participating, I enjoyed reading some unknown facts about you!

Bethany Patrice said...

1)Only you could think of "friend for a day" for all the lonleys out there.

2)Am I the "older woman" you enjoy talking to?

3) Mmmm. Olives.

4)Mickey Mouse Club-I heart JC

5)Did you like Jason when you saw him at Evangel?

6) What about when you and Brenda wanted to live in an apartment together and adopt animals when you grew up? Do you remember that?

ginag said...

I have taken you up on your challenge! That was a fun way to have blog interaction!!!