Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A common theme

There is a common theme I am seeing in alot of my friend's lives right now and that is Life isn't fair." What do you do when life isn't fair? There has to be a comfort in knowing that God sees the bigger picture. Sometimes things happen beyond our control and we can't help what the outcome is. I guess I find peace in knowing that Jesus knew exactly the situation that was going to wasn't a surprise to him. I like the verse in Colossians where it says He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.

I pray for those I know going through something where life isn't fair right now. That God would show them his love and grace through this time. That he would put a peace in their hearts to know that he has the outcome under control. I pray that these people would try not to understand the situation, but trust Christ's sovereignty.


Kelly Weinberg said...

You are such a good friend Sharon! Thanks for your encouragement! You are right life is not fair at times, but God is sovereign and good! I've chosen to trust him completely with my life. I have a peace that passes all understanding!

Bethany Patrice said...

i have to remember that God knows the end of my story, and he knows the route I need to take to get there. I just have to trust that He is the author and I am simply a character in the novel.