Friday, February 19, 2010

Never want to forget

Blake (at 23 months old)

* saying ciao when leaving the room
* he is so used to having people over that he sits on the stairs staring out the door waiting for someone to come over...he'll ask...mimi...pop pop...addie
* yelling "to you" when rocking him to sleep so we sing "Happy Birthday"
* Sitting with daddy and reading the newspaper on Sunday morning
* Helping clean (swifter, vacuums, fold clothes, make the bed)
* When Blake is doing something he is not suppose to do he says "mommmmmmmmmy" and I look at him and he's eating playdough or touching the TV...he tells on himself
* Getting a bowl from the drawer when I say cereal
* Starting at 20 months to say "Mommy potty poo"
* Loving to tackle and take mommy and daddy down
* Loves to play catch
* When I get him from nap he won't look at my and is smiling ear to ear...I say to him "you are so silly" and then he laughs and looks at me
* Always said "hi" to strangers in the store
* Loves kids
* New word that is said many times a day "mine"
* Bows his head, folds his hand, and sqints his eyes to pray
* Love tookies (cookies)
* Runs to see daddy and greet him at the door when he comes home
* Asks for mimi, pop pop, colbi, parker, kent, B, and J everyday and my response everyday is they are at work or home
* Love bank (blanket) and bear
* Learning colors and everything is blue
* Could play with playdough all day
* Just started to enjoy painting
* Loves having Addie over for a playdate
* Enjoy skyping family members
* Gets his coat and tries to put it on along with his hat and shoes

So much more, but these are what stood out to me the most lately


Sues said...

BEST. POST. EVER!!! These are the most precious memories & milestones! I'm so glad you did this, b/c even though it might not seem possible right now, they all fade into this jumbled time warp, and you're not really sure when this or that started. So wonderful!!!

Kelly Weinberg said...

I love that he asks for Addie. It melts my heart when he says her name! We need to schedule another playdate soon!!

Ashley Bodik said...

love this too...i want to make a list inspired me