Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 months

Little Blake is 10 months old. He weighs about 22 pounds. He is such a big boy now. These are the things he has done or are doing:

1) Took two steps - now he cruises furniture and wants to sit when I try to make him do more steps.

2) Says hot - not associating it with something hot

3) Points to the light

4) Opens and closes cabinet and takes things out

5) Screams when he doesn't get his way

6) Turn pages of a book and acts like he's reading them

7) Tosses a ball back and forth to someone

8) Drinks out of a cup sometimes, but still really loves the bottle

9) Waves bye bye

10) More attached to mommy

11) Loves to people watch

12) Sits in the cart when I go shopping

13) Has seven teeth

14) Sings with me when I sing and say ahaahhhahhhhhhhahhhhhahhhh

15) Walks while holding onto his toy

16) Sits in a highchair at restaurants

17) Loves putting objects in and out of containers

18) Blake reaches for adult food...when we are eating he wants to eat what we eat

19) He smiles at people or stares at them until they give him attention

20) He still takes two naps a day for a total of 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

21) Loves other kids

22) Palms a bottle of water...he has great upper body strength

We need to work on holding his bottle, in fact not taking bottles but taking sippy cups. We need to work on walking, crawling, and associating words with objects. We don't do flashcards as often because Blake is always moving around. He doesn't sit still for long.

I love Blake and who he is developing to be. I could kiss this boy ALL day long!


Lana said...

Happy 10 months, Blake! And it sounds like it's been a very happy 10 months for Mommy & Daddy, too!

Bethany Patrice said...

10 months went by so fast! You forgot to say that he loves being the center of attention.

Megan said...

Happy 10 months baby Blake. I cannot believe it has been 10 months already. He is so cute!
You are such a great momma too!

mscottberg said...

so smart and handsome...watch out sharon, kayla might try to snatch him up one day!

Amie said...

They grow up so fast! Sounds like he's doing awesome - still have to meet him someday!

Amie said...
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Cara said...

OK I have to see that baby soon! He is doing so much! Him and Wyatt do a lot of the same things. And as far as giving him "adult" food. Wyatt eats almost everything we eat now. He chomps down on pasta, scrambled eggs, pancakes, crackers and rice. Have you tried him with that food yet?

Judith and Lance said...

Wow, already 10 months. I remember last year @ Bella's 1st b/day when you were pregnant with your precious little one. Sharon, he is SO cute and looks so much like YOU! He is doing great, keep up the good work, Blake!

kdana said...

loved the update and reading all the new things that he is doing at this stage in life. it must be so incredible to watch him grow and develop! wish i was there to see it all happening!