Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simple Confession

I have a simple confession to make. I making it to clear my mind and from this point on to do something about it.

Lately, I have not been into the worship music at church. I feel as though it's not my style of music and have been totally checked out. I realize that is my issue. I also feel like I am too tired to worship and that I have not become a participant anymore.

I have prayed about it, and realize that maybe I am ashamed to worship God. But why would I be? I have realized that maybe I need to get my heart right and ready before I enter worship service so I am prepared to enter into a time of praise to the Lord. In saying that, I am grateful God has gently taught me to worship whether or not the music is my style and to remember to get ready to enter worship before I step foot into church. If I can worship freely in my home, then I should be able to worship freely with a body of believers.


Megan said...

Something that I remind myself is that worship is not about me. Worship is my time to give thanks to God!

kdana said...

good call and good reminder to us all.

Cara said...

I am the opposite. I love praise and worship, that is when I feel the closest with God. When sermon time comes around I find my mind trailing off with things I need to get done or how Wyatt is doing in the nursery. Either way, I need to be more focused as well.

Joan said...

Worship can be so hard at times in our greatly distracting world. It is difficult to focus on God and on the words and hard to shut ourselves in. What might help, and I only say this because I do it myself when I find it hard to worship or I'm tired, is to close your eyes, and not sing but listen to the words and imagine them being sung along with a chorus of angels to the majestic awe insiring God and lover of your soul. Bask in his presence and just be still before Him. Like Beth Moore said in Bible study "they that WAIT upon the Lord will have their strength renewed". To be honest I find it very difficult to worship along with the songs at bible study. I think it's the distraction of the video.

Karebear said...

I've BEEN THERE, girlfriend!!!
Totally know what you mean...and I'm so glad you're giving Him your 'sacrifice' of praise...the praise and worship that you offer up, even when you aren't 'feeling' it! xoxo