Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am such a reactionary person. When something happens that I agree or disagree with, I am quick to react. As a mother and wife, I don't want to be quick to react to my frustration or my impatience. I was recently reminded of that verse in Galatians where it talks about being controlled by the spirit and not by your sinful nature and how the two are at war with one another. I decided to look on Biblegateway (which I am really into lately) and read this in the commentary and it really hit home and gave me something to strive for : Life by the Spirit involves active obedience to the direction of the Spirit (v. 16), constant warfare against the desires of the sinful nature by the power of the Spirit (v. 17) and complete submission to the control of the Spirit (v. 18). Such a life will be an experience of freedom from the control of the sinful nature and the control of the law.

It seems simple doesn't it. I want Blake to be able to see a gentle, loving, patient Christian mother who is led by the Spirit. At times when I wanna scream, hide, or am about to loose my patience I want to be conscious of allowing the Spirit to control those emotions and thoughts and help me to have a positive reaction towards those feelings. It even can be applied to people I feel have wronged me or have hurt me. To love them, and respect them, and go to them gently and being the led by the Spirit will help me react postively in those situations. I don't want to be led by my sinful nature but the Spirit and in return hopefully too can exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit to those around me as well. The benefits of living by the Spirit far out way living by my sinful nature! Lord give me the grace and mercy to do so!!!


Bobbi said...

Thanks for sharing this...good devotional:) I love what you wrote.

(Biblegateway is great!)

Megan said...

I love Biblegateway!
Good blog!!!
It is def. hard to not be reactionary...I think even more so as a woman..but also when you feel like you have something to your husband or son.
Thanks for sharing.
p.s. Thanks for praying for me! ;)

Judith and Lance said...

This is great, thanks for the reminder. I love Biblegateway too, it's our homepage!