Monday, October 5, 2009


I joined MOPS this fall and it has been a huge blessing! I recommend it to any mom who is looking for encouragement and support in being a mom, wife, friend, and child of God.

When you join MOPS you get many is a book. I started to read this book and in it were suggestions on how to invest in yourself. As a mother sometimes you feel like you do nothing for yourself cause it's always about dad and baby. Reading this book gave me some ideas of how to do things for me and helped me realize that I do already some of these things. Here are some examples:

*girls night
*gym time with childcare
*hot showers
*bubble bath
*hair appointments
*Bible study
*Kids to bed by 8
*daily devotionals
*waking up an hour before kids
*surfing the web
*book clubs
*pedicure and manicure

I hope as you read this post you get ideas of more things to do to invest in yourself and also help realize you already have done some of the things listed.

To invest in yourself helps you, your husband, and your child! It's not a bad thing to do, it's a good thing!


Kelly said...


MOPS sound wonderful! Hopefully I can go with you sometime! I really need to do some things for ME! It's been awhile. I was just telling Rick the other day that I haven't taken a long hot bath since Addison has been born!! Boy do I miss those quiet and relaxing times!!

Amie said...

All of those things sound great - finding the time to do them is the problem!

Lana said...

Oh, your new site is so cute! And, we are reading the same book! :) I am so glad that you are enjoying MOPS. It really is such a blessing. At ours, we have many women who are SAHM, but not yet believers or just beginning in their relationship with the Lord. What an opportunity! ENJOY!! and be blessed!