Thursday, April 8, 2010

My thoughts on my blog

I have been so consumed with thoughts of President Obama lately. I know when he was elected he promised "change" Change is fine with me, however I feel like what he is changing is so drastic. From health care to now nuclear treaty abortions and gays. I feel like as a conservative I am a minority. What I believe based on my faith and the Bible doesn't matter anymore. It's hard to find those in this world who believe what I believe. I honestly do feel like an alien as it says in the Bible.

There is just something about Obama that makes me feel uneasy and brings alot of concern. It's hard for me honestly not to cringe when I see him on the news. I have to do what the Bible calls me to do and that is pray for my leader. I am however extremely grateful that the true leader in this world is Christ and the leader of my life and family is Jesus. I can choose him to lead safely, securely, and peacefully! Oh the joys of knowing Jesus!!!!!


Bethany Patrice said...
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Judith and Lance said...

I SO agree with everything you said here. Thank God that our trust and faith is in HIM and not a man. It reminds me of an old southern gospel song that goes like this "Well I feel like traveling home, I feel like traveling home, my Heavenly home is bright and fair and I feel like traveling home" Love you sweet girl!

Bobbi said...

Ugh, Judith....that is what I was going to write! It too reminded me that this world is not our home. (He makes me cringe also.)