Thursday, April 29, 2010

So nice yet so sad

I went to see a hematologist yesterday to discuss my blood clots. The dr. I went to go see is a hematologist but also a cancer dr. He was so nice and patient with me and all my questions. We talked for at least a half hour. He even took time to tell me a personal story that happened when he was working with one of his patients. It was sad though....when I walked to use the restroom, there were cancer patients getting treatment....they were all lined up and hooked up to a machine. It broke my heart! A part of me wanted to sit and talk with them, just be a friend to them....and then a part of me wanted to turn my head and not even look because it broke my heart so much.

Needless to say my appointment went well. They are doing more blood work to determine if my blood clots were genetic or caused by my c-section. I have been wondering that question for over two years now, I am so excited to finally get results! The good news is he looked at my lump in my throat and he also said it's not a concern to him. So he is the third dr. to say that! Praise the Lord!

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Bobbi said...

Sharon you are such a caring person.