Friday, July 9, 2010

Fighting with Jason

Jason and I often argue over who can put Blake to sleep at night. We both love to do it because it's an opportunity for affection and love from and to our son. I am able to put Blake down for a nap, so Jason feels like he should get to put him to bed.

Last night, I won! I was able to put the little man to sleep. The routine used to be: read book on mom/dad's bed, pray, rock and sing to sleep in chair in bedroom.

now it's lay down in his big boy bed, pray, and then sing to him. Hsere is the thing though, when we sing him to sleep he lays on his belly and I lay on mine. He wraps his little arm around my neck to give me a hug. I rest my cheek on his cheek and we hum together "Ti's So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" and then.....he says...mommy leave.

I miss those days of rocking him to sleep, but I do love the little hug around the neck as we sing our good night song!


Sues said...

LOVE that song!

kdana said...

ohhh this made me cry. he's growing up. what a sweet routine to have and he will be so blessed as he grows older knowing the importance of prayer.