Monday, November 15, 2010

You Never Let Go

How perfect are the lyrics of David Crowder's song: You Never Let Go

Right now in my life, there is a ton going on in terms of trials. I was working out today and heard this song, and immediately felt like it spoke directly to the situations I am facing.

I have felt for some time now kind of forgotten. I have felt like I have been praying for so long for several things that have not come to pass. In hearing these lyrics today, I am reminded of several things:

1) Obviously through all that we face, through the on going trials that seem to be at our feet day after day, consuming our minds, HE WILL NEVER LET GO!

2) Ever faithful, ever true,......that is what remains through our constant trials. How could I feel forgotten by Him or pushed aside when I know in my heart He is ever faithful!

3) When disaster came, oh my soul oh my soul....fills with hope. The hope that I know He is working behind the scenes, the hope that I know that He has my future in his hands, the hope that I know He has the next minute that I breath under his control.

4) Joy and pain, in sudden rain..your the never let go. In all my fear, tears, pain, heartaches, questions, I know that Jesus is the same. He is the same God that healed my marriage, he is the same God that provided a way for me to go to college, the same job that provided me a teaching job, the same job that gave us the birth of our first son Blake, the same God that has restored relationships in my life. He is the same God that parted the red sea, he is the same God that delivered from the promise land after years and years....

He is the same God that wants to help me triumph through all the trials I have going on in my could I feel forgotten when I know that He is for me, when I know He hears my cries, when I know that I don't see any evidence of him working on my behalf....he is orchestrated a beautiful future for me and my family!

Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart today and giving me hope...thank you Lord for never letting me go!

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