Sunday, May 25, 2008

OH my!

What a busy Saturday. We left for Pekin ( 2 1/2 hour) drive at there at 9:45 changed and left for pictures at to my sister in laws house at 12:45 and then left again to run to lunch and walmart and got home at 2:50 and left again at 3:20 to go to Chucky Cheese and went back to my sister in laws how to celebrate mom's day with my mom in law at 6:30 and stayed there to 7:45. We left to come back to our house at 7:45. Blake did a great job being gone all day long and having so much activity going on. The bad thing is today he was SUPER tired and fussy. He didn't sleep much and was fighting off his tiredness.

I have to figure something out when we go to Pekin how to keep his nap on schedule yet let him see everyone...any suggestions?


Cara said...

I have faced the same thing. And in the baby wise book they say it is ok to break his schedule now and again for certain reasons. Or you could schedule his nap for the time you are driving that way he is awake when you get there. That is what I try to do with Wyatt. How is his schedule working?

Megan said...

Thanks for the comment about the dress. It has pockets too! lol I bet you would have never guessed huh?! I didn't either when I bought it last year. Love yah girl and have a great day!

kdana said...

how fun. i want to see the pics. glad that you made the trip there and that you made it through the busy day. exhausts me thinking about it