Monday, July 21, 2008

Blake's Day

Yesterday Blake was dedicated at our home church. We had such a great time with family and friends who supported us!

They had a little reception at church for Blake and during that time we were able to get our picture taken professionally.

We were honored that Pastor Ron was able to hold Blake upon our request. The grandparents joined Jason and I on stage as we committed to raising Blake into a christian home.

After the dedication we all went to lunch at Biaggis and enjoyed both sides of our families.

Gosh, another milestone in Blake's life. I am so grateful to the family that I am a apart of...there are so many people who are going to love Blake unconditionally and endlessly.


Karebear said...

Congrats on the next milestone in Blake's life. How blessed you are to be able to spend it with family. Blake looks adorable in his special outfit! You're looking so good too, Mommy! xoxo

Gina said...

You guys are going to do a great job raising that little one!!!!

Megan said...

how beautiful. You are surrounded by such amazing people. I have no idea what I would do with out my amazing family.

Blake looked soooo handsome in his little outfit!

Lana said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for your comment! I actually looked at your blog this morning, but didn't take the time to comment (shame on me!) The dedication looked so nice - what a special time! Well, my mom is coming down. I'm trying to decide if we are just having Brian's Aunt & cousin and the Whitemans, or if I'll be inviting the neighborhood kids...not sure yet! Hey, Brian has left some messages for Jason. Does he have the same cell phone? love you!

mscottberg said...

Blake is so cute! Cute photos:-) I can't believe Kayla is not a newborn anymore, either! We are praying about what to do with Kayla since Brian was raised Assemblies of God and I was raised Catholic...oh boy!

Judith and Lance said...

Don't they all happen so quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were dedicating Bella Bear. I'm glad Pastor Ron got to hold him, too bad for us... HAHA!! I hated to miss this special occassion but it looks like all of your family was there so that is awesome. You look GREAT and looks like all that baby weight is gone and so quickly!