Friday, July 25, 2008

these are so random

Some thoughts on the day of my sister's wedding:

As we were at the rehearsal for Janna's wedding, I was emotional (surprised?). Anyways, I not only realized what an adult she has become but what a beautiful confident woman she is. She was so laid back yesterday at the rehearsal as things started to unfold and some glitches occurred...I was so proud of her. I think she is starting to realize the importance of her day. It isn't about how smoothly things go, but about expressing and committing her love to JP. Janna got up at the rehearsal dinner and sang JP a song...she sounded so amazing! I always knew she had a great voice, but she really did do a great job!

As I saw my dad getting ready to practice walking Janna down the aisle, my heart just sank and memories and tears filled my eyes. By the way, rosie started crying before anyone got in the chapel and the violinist was pr acting. All the bridesmaids were standing and talking and out of the corner of my eye I saw my dad just trying to soak everything in standing back and his leg shaking back and forth. I went over there and gave him a huge long hug, I said dad, this is your last girl to give away...he said sharon this is killing me. He is excited for Janna and sees her so happy and in love, but to give away what you have raised, sacrificed, and cherished is so hard. I told him at least she is living right beneath you so you guys won't be far.

I also realized on janna's wedding rehearsal day how much I love my husband. When I heard the vows being practiced I realized my love or Jason and my commitment to him was reestablished for me.

Ahhh today is the wedding day, I am ready for tears, laughter, and to dance the night away. Janna will be a beautiful bride and I love her and couldn't be happy for her and JP! Cheers to the both of them!


Gina said...

I'm not sure why I get emotional at weddings, but I do! Your parents have done a wonderful job raising all you kids. It will be an adjustment for them as another one of their children tie the knot. I'm glad that you all are so close and will create great memories tonight.

Have a blast tonight!!!! Party the night away.

Amie said...

I have never even met Janna and I teared up reading this! I saw a sign in Danada the other day saying congrats to them - I thought it was really cool that I actually recognized the names!

Judith and Lance said...

Sharon -- I hope you aren't too emotional tonight and that really enjoy your time at the wedding. You have such a sweet, sensitive spirit!

Bethany Patrice said...

"I am the serious one."

Megan said...

updated info on my blog!