Monday, July 28, 2008

Precious in His sight....

I took Blake to his 4 month appointment today. He is weighing 15pounds and 3oz. He is about 24 1/2 inches long.

Something happened this past weekend where I saw a "friend" of the family from church. She mentioned how she had recently seen Blake and added a comment in there that took me back by surprise...she said "Blake has a big head" Wow...what do you say in response to that? So I said..."I like your hair"

Anyways, at the doctor today, I asked the doctor about Blake's head...she didn't mention it to me, but I asked her about it. She looked it over, measured it for the second time and suggested that maybe Jason and I would want to take him to a specialist. Blake has a flat head in the back and one way to correct it is by wearing a helmet for a couple weeks or months.

My heart broke when I thought of my little boy having to wear a helmet at such a young age...but most of all, when I thought of the comment that the adult made to me about Blake's head...that broke my heart...and to think that if an adult would say something about his head, then peers could also make fun of him too.

Needless to say, as much as I don't want my son to have to wear a helmet I know it's what will help him down the road.

Thank goodness that Blake is precious in not only my eyes, but he is so precious is Jesus' eyes.


Gina said...

Blake in a helment....aww the poor little guy. Some people don't know when to open their mouth and when not too, this makes me so mad! Unbelievable.

Bethany Patrice said...

"and you have a big butt.." that is what your response should have been.

Blake wearing a helmet is the best decision you could make for him. You are being a great mom by keeping his health and well being as a priority.

If anyone says anything, we will end the Elton Mafia after them.

Megan said...

Yes, he is!!!
I love Bethany's comment. I probably would have said that!

You are a great mom and will do whatever he needs! To be honest...I never thought his head looked big...I'm not just saying that either. ;}

Cara said...

A fast way to cure flat head is give him more tummy time or time in a walker. Also I used to rub Wyatt's head, I am not sure if that worked or not. I don't see why he would need a helmet. They told Joey the same thing about Bella and her flat head just went away. Blake's head is beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different! This is something that will go away naturally, with no help to a helmet.

Judith and Lance said...

He is so precious. It's unbelieveable what kind of diarrhea will pour out of people's mouth's sometimes, isn't it? Blake will be as cute as a button in a helmet. If he is self-conscious just tell him that your friend Judith has to wear a helmet if she ever goes skiing, biking, on a roller coaster, etc b/c of a brain injury. HELMETS are cool!!

Karebear said...

The flat head thing is definitely normal. When babies are squished inside mommy for months, their soft skulls conform. But they definitely even out over time. Mark had an egg-head...Reese had a small indent on one side...and Marina's head wasn't noticed beyond her huge mouth! LOL. But they are all normal now. And...I've seen Blake...he has a very normal head! Just like someone to put fear in a new mother's mind! Some people say things that come out terribly wrong. Don't take it personal. He'll fill out a Cubbies hat very well, someday soon!!! xoxo

mscottberg said...

This post was such a great reminder for me! I struggle with always worrying about what others say about Kayla's size, and having people ask me if I even feed my baby. Blake is so beautiful in all of his pictures, and I know you will make a great decision to do what is best for him:-)