Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is for my personal records

Taking note of what the approach was for Blake to be potty trained.

When Blake was 18 months old he was asking to sit on the potty. He would cry because he wanted to sit on it so bad. We decided to wait to potty train til he was in a big boy bed (which was super easy for him). Once he was in the big boy bed for about a month and a half we started to potty train.

I talked about going on the potty for several weeks and who goes on the potty: mommy, daddy, b, parker, kent, meg, ryan, brieg, sage, exc.

We talked about how they all wear big boy and girl underwear. We watched elmo on potty and read potty books.

Often he would observe mommy and daddy on potty. He wanted to use the potty so bad, but instead of telling him no I would tell him soon.

The week before we were going to start using the potty I let him pick one out and I set it up in the bathroom. I talked through what was going to happen in a couple days. He was going to sit on potty, go pee pee and get candy if he did. He then went to walmart and picked out his own underwear with daddy (toy story and elmo).

The night before we were potty training I had a crate with his name on it and bought all new books from the dollar store. I showed him the crate and put it next to the potty and explained that when he sits on the potty he can read his new books.

The day came when we began to do the actual potty training. In talking to family who has done it before, I decided Blake would wear underwear and we would show him that we had no diapers left! We decided that in addition to that we would give him lots to drink that day. I knew he was going to have accidents, but by giving him lots to drink he is bound to make it to potty at least once in the day.

So Monday Aug. 23rd was the day! He woke up and came downstairs and I told him that the diapers are all gone and it's time to pick out which underwear he wanted to wear. We sat him on the potty first thing in the morning and he was successful! He went! The day carried on with four accidents that morning. I put him on the potty every fifteen min (with the timer dinging to let us know when) and he would sit for five min or so. We would read all his new books while he was trying to go. Several times when we began to sit on the potty he would often go two or three min after getting up. That was maddening for me....we were so close to catching it. The day went on we continued to sit on the potty now every 20 min or so. We had more successes that day as we progressed into the evening.

I will never forget the first time he went pee in the potty! His eyes got so big and he had the biggest smile on his face. I was so proud of him!!! We started out his reward for going on the potty the first day and a half was getting three or four M&Ms and doing the potty dance with mommy and daddy...accompanied by Blake playing the guitar.

Day 1 went pretty good with several accomplished potty times. I think giving him lots to drink...making him lots to drink making him have to pee often it taught him what the peeing sensation was and then I in return had to look for warning signs he was going to pee and keep a timer as well.

It consumed all of 1 of potty training is all I did! I would look at the timer and see if he was grabbing himself, getting big eyes, or standing still for a few seconds. Then if any of those happened I put him on the potty.

Day 2 was better. The morning was rough we had five accidents in the morning on day 2, but then we go the swing of it and by 11 that day he remembered what to do and there were 8 successes the rest of the day. On day two I decided to go ahead and add a sticker book as a reward. Anytime he went potty he would get to put a sticker in his book.

Day 3 was amazing! No poop on day one or two..he didn't want or just choose not to go! Day three he had no accidents til when daddy walked in the door. I was so proud of Blake! He went poo on potty twice and once right next to potty. I was impressed that had no accidents and now...he tells me peee mommmy pee!

I still ask him, but am glad he at times can recognize on his own as well.

Day 4 which is today! He woke up as we always do and uses the potty right away! Firs thing we do is kiss, hug, and use potty! I have stayed in the house since Monday when we began potty training....I am so tempted to venture out in public now and see how he does in the REAL world!

We haven't touch potty training at night. We let him wear a pull up for nap and bedtime. I am trying to focus on during the day first.

I am wondering what will be different with our next child. Will they be interested in the potty as early as Blake was...will wearing underwear right away be the route to go?

I just know that my cleaning supplies are still on my counter for when accidents happen: disinfectant wipes, 409, resolve, and a spray bottle of vinegar and water. I used those TONS the first two 409 is what we use to clean potty out!

The teacher in me enjoyed potty training. The sense of accomplishment we both felt when he was successful was so rewarding. The number of successes far out weighed the number of accidents. Even if we had just three successes it kept me going. I believed Blake could do it! I was so happy for him!

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