Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Round 1 for number 3 (written in Sept.)

First appointment today for the little one came on the 3rd month anniversary of when we lost our 2nd child. It was hard and I became a bit teary eyed as we discussed our action plan for this pregnancy.

We decided to go ahead and take some blood to see where my levels are. It's critical to have good progesterone levels. The Dr. then said that we would go ahead and test again on Thursday. Hoping to get results Friday that they have doubled. If all goes well, then Sept. 28th we will do an ultrasound for a heartbeat. If a heartbeat is detected then the chance for miscarriage goes down to 3-4%.

Praying my levels go up, praying I get a heartbeat on Sept. 28th. I get nervous about every little thing. Should I feel this, why am I not feeling this? It's a battle I fight mentally and a battle I fight in prayer.

And the due date for this little one is May 10, 2011....crazy it's the day I miscarried our 2nd child.

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