Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well...we had the OB appointment today. I went in and they put the external ultrasound on my belly and she said, "I see one hearbeat for sure." Then she was quiet and she said, " I think I see two"

She decided to do an internal ultrasound to get a better picture, and sure enough...she saw two beating heartbeats in the 130s and confirmed twins.

Jason and I are shocked and overwhelemd. We feel blessed God would see us fit to be parents to three children.

I called my mom first = cried
Called my dad next = I cried, he talked to Jason, he said it's going to be okay and we will stand by you through this
Bethany = screamed and so excited
Then texted Kimberly, Kelly, Judith, Julie, and Janna.....they are all happy for us and Janna was shocked too.

Everyone is happy, everyone is excited, everyone is so eager to help, and everyone is wondering if one will be a girl.

So let the crazy, exciting, journey begin!

ps- last night I had a dream I had twins...sure enough today..boom yepo..yepo...I am a mother of mulitples!

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