Friday, September 10, 2010


I am trying to teach Blake to share. We do at least one playdate a week in which he is given plenty of opportunities to learn how to share his toys with his friends.

This morning, I was preparing him for the kids that were about to come over. I was telling him that when his friends get here we don't take toys out of their hands and we don't yell "MINE"

I then began to tell the story of the little boy in the Bible who shared his lunch with those who didn't have any. I told him it made Jesus so happy that the little boy shared. I went on to say how Jesus wants Blake to share too. My little boy looked at me with both of his palms up and says, "where Jesus mommy?" I told him in heaven and next to him....her precedes to say, "but where he go?"

I love that boy! I can only hope he can know where Jesus is at a very young age!

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